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Casting Black Magic Spells

by Franklin Johnson
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Casting Black Magic Spells

It is important to understand the various forms of dark magic. Many use it strictly with good intentions without causing harm to anyone. Thaumaturgy is a form of black magic that is believed to have the power to cure people of diseases. It can also be used to cast black magic love spells to attract love or even rekindle a passionate relationship. It is important to deal with forces attached to black magic judiciously and intelligently.

How a Spell is Cast

If you wish to cast a spell, you need to prepare yourself for the ritual. First, you need to select the right spell for your situation at hand and the results you desire. It may take some time to collect all the ingredients, purify tools, and get everything ready for casting the spell. That’s why you should start your preparations early. Keep in mind that another critical factor is the timing. Some spells can only be cast on a particular day, during a special moon phase, or season. For example, black magic spells are most effective during the full moon phase, a period of extreme power. Other spells are cast several times over days or weeks. That’s why you need to plan and prepare for your ritual in advance of time. Please also read our article explaining each step of casting a spell and follow the steps correctly.

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Ensure you are adequately protected if you want to use demons or invoke evil spirits during the spell casting process. You need to have a quiet space to cast a spell. Concentration is the key to success in spell casting; any distractions can lessen the magic’s effect. You need to be completely at peace to build up the positive or negative energy required for your magic to be successful. Building a small altar consisting of a table in a corner where you can place your tools would be helpful. Once you are ready to begin, you need to cast a magic circle. Take a wand or your forefinger and draw a circle in the air at chest level or on the ground beginning from the north. When you complete the circle, it is time to cast your spell. For more information about magic circles, please read this article.

Further down on this page, we offer four black magic spells for you to cast. Two of them will work with the most positive intentions and do no harm. These types of spells can get rid of evil magic placed on you or a loved one. One particular spell is used to counter-attack and eliminate harmful spells, such as curses, revenge spells, death spells, etc., that others have cast upon you. These spells exemplify how you can use black magic for positive purposes. Negativity can be banished, and you can feel well again.

The other two spells, a Bad Luck Spell and a Curse work with negative intentions and should be used very carefully and as a very last resort.


Protection Spell and Curse Removal

Protection and Curse RemovalThis black magic spell is actually a protection spell used by spell experts to help others and release them from the dark magic they are suffering from.

What you will need for the Spell

It takes a white, black, and green candle (three separate colors of candles). The white candle generates positive energy, while the black candle is used for negative energy. The green candle is the healing candle.

How to Cast the Spell

You need to clear your mind and light the white candle. Say out loud:

Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit: I ask thee to cleanse my body of all negative energies.

Then you need to light the black candle and the green candle. Say the following:

I ask thee to free and heal my body of negative forces, blessed be!

Make sure it is a quiet space where you will not be disturbed by others. After you say the incantations, you need to sit back and relax with a clear mind for around fifteen minutes. You will feel refreshed and renewed after this time. Do the spell once a week for about four weeks for the best effectiveness.


Removal of Negative Forces

Removal of Negative ForcesAnother way to get rid of negative forces surrounding you is to get a bowl of water and salt atop a spell-casting altar.

Sprinkle salt on the altar cloth and say:

I bless this salt to make it fit for these my rites. Blessed be.

Add a bit of salt to the water and hold the bowl upwards, saying:

I ask (choose a relative who has died) and let this bowl be the receiver of all my negativity, so that I can cleanse myself and become whole again once more. Blessed be.

Put the bowl down and dip your fingers and thumbs (both hands) in the water. Visualize the negative energy flowing out of your body through your fingers and thumbs. You should feel lighter and have less stress and anguish on your mind. Shake the last bits of water into the bowl and say:

I ask (late relative’s name) to take this negativity through their power of the Elements to keep me safe in their hands. Blessed be.


Bad Luck Spell

Bad Luck SpellHave you been wronged? Has someone hurt you so badly that you just can’t get over it? Do you want to set the record straight? If you cannot sit quietly and your need is great, casting a Bad Luck Spell can help you return the hostile act. The effect of this ritual is its longevity. The bad karma and bad luck will adhere to a person for months and years after being cast. The spell will follow them around until the opportunity to inflict the most damage presents itself. The spell is an economical way to ensure that no misdeed goes unpunished! You can use it to bring bad luck and bad karma to people that have done you wrong. It can bring bad luck to lovers who have treated you poorly, mean-spirited co-workers, ex-spouses, or companies or groups that have mistreated you.

What you will need:

  • Something that represents the target. It could be a piece of clothing, something the person has touched, hair, a photo, a business card. You can be creative and choose anything that represents the target. There are no strict rules.
  • Three black candles
  • Lard or Bacon Fat
  • Needle, pin, knife, or athame
  • Piece of paper and black pen
  • Cauldron or fireproof pot

How to Cast the Bad Karma and Bad Luck Spell

Start the ritual by casting a circle. It’s important to be in a safe space while casting this spell. Anoint the candles with the lard and put them in a triangle position on your altar or a table. Light the candles.

Use the piece of paper and pen to write down your exact wishes and all the effects you want the spell to have. Be as specific as possible. Take your time to fully concentrate on your wishes and goals because you can’t add any additional ones later. It does not matter how many wishes you state, whether it’s one wish or dozens of wishes.

Put the item that represents the target on top of the paper.

This spell requires a blood sacrifice. By giving a part of your body with minor pain involved, you show the universe how serious you are about your wish, and the universe will return the favor by making the spell work much stronger for you. Prick your left index finger with the needle, pin, knife, or athame and drop three to six drops of blood onto the item that represents the target and the paper. While doing so, strong visualization is highly beneficial. Visualize all the things you want to happen to your target. You can also let out all your anger and scream, curse, yell.

Continue to visualize your wishes while the candles are burning. Be consequent in your thinking. Don’t have doubts. Transfer all the negative energies you can build up into the item that represents the target. There is no time limit; you will know when the time is right to stop.

To end the ritual, burn the piece of paper by igniting it from the flames of all three candles. Next, burn the item that represents the target. Let the candles burn out. Close the circle and release the ashes along with any leftover remains to nature. Allow the magic to manifest and let nature take its course.


Black Magic Curse

Black Magic CurseA curse is a malevolent spell that inflicts harm upon someone purposefully. The word is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “cursein,” which means “to invoke evil or harm”. Since the beginning of time, curses have been part of the dark arts and used by many spell casters and witches to counter-attack negative energy attacks. Curses can be written as well as spoken. Curses are nothing to play around with because people can get affected with misfortune, bad luck, ill-health, and sometimes even death. The following curse will only work as revenge, and when the person you want to cast this curse upon has done something horrible to you. By casting this spell, you are basically sending back all that negative energy many-fold.

What you will need for the Curse

    • Some Grave Yard dirt that has been collected within 1 hour after midnight
    • Something that represents the target. It could be a piece of clothing, something the person has touched, hair, a photo, a business card. You can be creative and choose anything that represents the target for you. There are no strict rules.
    • One black candle
    • Knife, pin, needle, or athame
    • Small Paper bag
    • Cauldron or fireproof dish

Start the ritual at midnight on any day of the week except Sundays, Fridays, or Wednesdays. Cast the circle and use the protection routine you usually use. If you do not have a protection routine, you can use our protection rituals published on our site. The following two articles will be helpful: How to Prepare for a Spell and How to Cast a Spell.

Use one of the tools and engrave the candle with the target’s initials. Next, prick your left index finger with the needle or the pin and drop some blood on the candle so that you can anoint the candle with it. (Note: Please be cautious, you may want to put a band-aid on the wound or use your right hand to anoint your candle)

Light the candle and do so consciously.

Put the paper bag in the cauldron and add the item that represents the target. Make sure the cauldron is large enough so that you can safely burn all the items at the end of the ritual.

Take the candle and drip candle wax on top of the item inside the paper bag/cauldron. Visualization is important when it comes to curses. In your mind’s eye, begin to visualize the person you want to curse. Focus on them and allow the image to appear. Continue to focus, build up energy and visualize and imagine all the harm coming to her or him. Don’t have doubts, be confident in your wishes and visualizations. While doing so, continue to drip candle wax. Don’t stop. You should do this for at least one hour; even if your thoughts stray for a moment, always return to your visualizations and focus on your wishes. Keep dripping the wax.

To end the ritual, use the candle and ignite the item that represents the target and the paper bag. Do so very carefully; if your cauldron is not large enough, take the items outdoors and burn them in a bonfire. Safety first. Add the candle remains and let the fire burn out. Close the circle and release the ashes along with any leftover remains to nature. Allow the curse to manifest and let nature take its course.


Once the Spell has been Cast

Once you have cast the spell and spoken your desires, you need to close the magic circle in the reverse direction. After that, be patient and let the magical powers of the spell do their work. Magic works differently for different people. That’s why nobody can put a time stamp on results. At any rate, make sure to think positive while the spell’s energies are manifesting.

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