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How to Invoke Spirits, Deities, Ancestors or Gods

by Franklin Johnson
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Invoking spirits is an integral part of Wicca, Voodoo, Obeah, Santeria, and Shamanism. Fortunately for those who practice magic, there is more than one way to invoke spirits or deities. You can make the practice of invoking very simple, or you can do it in a complex way. Different traditions have different ways of invocation, and the more you learn about a specific magical path and its gods, deities, and spirits, you will find what works best for you.

What it means to Invoke Spirits

Invocation of spirits means the calling of spirits to you. You can do it through prayer or supplication. When you do it through prayer, you use calm and reflection to call upon a deity, goddess, god, lwa, orisha, or spirit. Usually, you do this because you ask the spirit for something, but you can also do it for protection or their presence during a ceremony. You can also communicate your wishes and ask for something you want for yourself or another person. It is also possible to just worship a god, goddess, or deity in the act of prayer using words that have been written for you or through words you speak yourself spontaneously.


Spirit Possessions, Aspecting and Evocation

In the act of possession, you can also draw the spirit into yourself. This is also called “aspecting” and is done to become closer with a spirit. It does not mean demonic possession or anything like that. It is a positive force that allows you to communicate better with a spirit. This kind of invocation is used in the Pagan and Wiccan traditions, as well as in Shamanism. The opposite of invocation is called “evocation” and means that you are asking the spirit not to be within you but at a different location altogether. In Wiccan tradition, invocation of this sort is done in pairs, with a single person doing the invocation and another person acting as the spiritual vessel. The person who serves as the vessel for the spirit may not remember the experience at all and may act in ways that are not characteristic of themselves. You can also use imagery to draw upon the spirit and bring it into you. This does not use words but instead pictures and images of the spirit. If you use recitation, you may use something similar to the Wiccan “Charge of the Goddess”.


Conjuration of Spirits

You can invoke a spirit through conjuration—a command given to the spirit. This is a more ominous way of invoking spirits and involves making a spirit do something for you or come forth, or you will do something harmful to the spirit. There are several recitations you can do to establish your dominance over the spirit and to make it do your will. Conjurations are often part of the Voodoo, Santeria, and Obeah traditions.

You can self-identify with a spirit. In this case, you take on the qualities and characteristics of the spirit you are evoking, such as being ferocious like the spirit Kali. The being is then drawn up into yourself. It is a bit different from possessive invocation because possessive invocation is less controlled than self-identifying with a spirit. You are then “mixed” with the deity or spirit after a period of prayer or of saying a recitation that brings the spirit into you.


Selecting the Right Form or Invocation

You need to decide what kind of invocation is good for you and which one will work the best for you. You could draw on a spirit in order to thank it for the entire natural world. You could draw on the power of a spirit to make things happen in a more successful way. You need to collect whatever you need to do the invocation, and you need to come up with a recitation to say (if you are doing one). You can write them yourself, or you can use recitations from books and the internet that involve invocation. Then you basically do the invocation and feel the power of the spirit within you and around you.


How to Get Started with Invoking Spirits

When you hear the phrase invoking spirits, some people automatically think of evil spirits. Invoking spirits doesn’t always mean they have to be evil spirits. Peaceful spirits can also be invoked, and so are deities, gods, goddesses, and ancestors. This can be done by chanting sincere prayers as well as peaceful responses. Addressing the Spirit with our prayers brings it into our lives and guides us throughout our daily life and actions.

Summoning and invoking is an advanced form of spellwork. Whether a Spirit, God, Goddess, or Deity can be summoned is debatable. Do not take invoking an entity who may not wish to be summoned lightly. When considering summoning such a high-frequency entity—frequency is the vibrational level at which an entity operates—be sure to do complete preparatory research about the Patron.

DividerThe Importance of a Distinct Purpose for Invocation

Many beginning practitioners either think they have nothing to worry about or that they might study too much; either extreme is dangerous, as either may freeze the practitioner’s confidence. The other hand of advice falls after the Patron is summoned: Have a distinct purpose in mind. Knowing your purpose will help focus and strengthen the attempt or ritual.

To be precise, a Patron listens when its attention is drawn to your presence. Otherwise, if its attention is to be had, you probably already have it. A Patron is not all-encompassing, but whatever the denomination in question (e.g., Christianity, Voodoo, Wicca, Santeria, Obeah), each has a sphere of influence (e.g., love, war, death, a chosen people).


Ritual to Invoke a Spirit, Deity, God, or Goddess

Invoke a Spirit, Deity, or GodBefore starting any rite or ritual, make sure you are clean spiritually. Meditating beforehand can benefit you and prepare you for your ritual. You can do these rituals for many different reasons. People do them for money, as a love potion, health, peace, guidance, and many more reasons. Couples trying to conceive may do these rituals for fertility reasons to help them have a child.

A vital step to take in the beginning is to ask the spirit you are praying for guidance. You can do this by simply praying to them. Ensure that you are always thankful to them and show kindness for the help they do give you.

Don’t take protection lightly!

Asking for protection from the spirits is a must. This is done to protect you from evil spirits and make sure you surround yourself with white light, and you can do this by using your mind power and just try imagining that you are enclosed in white light. Sincerity and kindness should be in your heart during this whole process. Imagine that the light is surrounding your entire body in all directions. The light will protect you.

Also, take 40 candles and place them around you in a huge circle as this gives an extra step in protecting you from evil spirits. Sitting in the middle of this circle is required as, again, this circle protects you.

The chant that should be said can vary with each ritual. An example that most people tend to follow is

As I stand before you, almighty spirit, Bless me with the wisdom to understand you, Grant me access to your kingdom so that I may communicate with you, Keep me safe as I enter your domain to ask answers of you, Surround me with the light of grace and the divine guide as I enter your plane, I invoke you, oh great spirit.

And then, following you can start to look for answers from the spirits.

How to End the Invocation Ritual

After you are done, and you have received all the answers, give thanks to the spirit for letting you ask questions and their cooperation. The candles should continue to burn until they go out and then dispose of them. Never reuse them for another ritual.


Easy Spell to Invoke a Spirit, Deity, God, or Goddess

Easy Spell to Invoke a SpiritAlmost everyone needs to summon a spirit, ancestor, deity, god, or goddess at one point or another. There are many different names you can call a patron; some even call them guardian angels or ghosts. Spirits will show themselves to you when you are open and ready to receive them. However, if you feel that the time is now and need to ask the spirit for help, you can cast this Spirit Invocation Spell to open the lines of communication. This spell is the best cast Wednesday during a full or dark moon.

Ingredients for the Spirit Invocation Ritual

  • You will need a gift for the spirit. This can be almost anything, but food, drink, or Tobacco are good choices.
  • White or silver candle
  • Sage smudge stick
  • 1 cup of salt

How to Cast the Spirit Invocation Spell

You will want to be sure that there are no negative energies around or on you for this spell. Prepare a cleansing bath by running tepid water in the tub and adding a cup of salt to the water. Soak in the tub for at least twenty minutes. Dry off and dress in something comfortable.

Cast your circle, and be sure to call the quarters and ask for their blessing.

Light the sage and smudge yourself and the area within the circle to remove any lingering negative energies. Leave the sage burning.

Place the candle in a holder and put the gifts around it. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Focus on being open and welcoming. Light the candle and speak the incantation:

Spirit guide [or name of deity/patron]
I wait for you
With open mind
And open heart.


Spirit guide [or name of deity/patron]
I beckon you
With open hands
And willing spirit.


Spirit guide [or name of deity/patron]
I bring you gifts
To honor you
And welcome you.


Spirit guide [or name of deity/patron]
Please come to me
To share your wisdom
And guide my way.

Be silent and sit for as long as you feel you need to. Thank the quarters for their blessing, release them, and close the circle when you are finished. Over the next few days, pay attention to any images that come in your dreams or mind and pay attention to any voices you hear.


Invoking Ancestors

By doing the same thing with our ancestors, you can decide whether or not to wake them from their peaceful eternal sleep or to leave them be. By waking them, you have the option to ask questions that you have wondered about that weren’t answered while they were alive. It’s important to remember never to invoke an evil spirit. This can be extremely dangerous, especially for those who have no experience or little experience. It can cause severe consequences to you and the people around you.


Warning Regarding the Invocation of Spirits

No matter what kind of answers you are looking for, you should always use caution and do thorough research before starting. You should always make sure you do not rush and do it correctly to avoid problems. It can be an enriching experience for some, but if not done correctly, it can have consequences.


The Patron you Belong To

It’s said that “You may not believe in the Devil, but the Devil believes in you.” This means that you have a Patron that you “belong” to, whether or not you know who/what it is. When we pass from this plane of existence, everybody has somewhere they need to go that their soul or “spark of life” belongs. There are, however, two straightforward ways to summon, or make contact with, a Patron.

  1. Just talk. Talk in your head or out loud. As you talk, though, “address” your thoughts to the Patron, you mean to choose by focusing on the look, syllables, and sound of the Patron’s name.
  2. Hold a ritual for the Patron you specifically wish to summon/contact.


Coven Tips

  • Alternatively, summoning can also be achieved by recognizing a Patron’s associations (e.g., favored animal, favored drink, favored holiday, etc.). Like attracts like.
  • Studied practitioners trust their intuition; without intuition, it is difficult to follow what stands as the “correct” path or the path of least resistance (despite the ease of events found on it). There is much about faith that cannot be proven through physical sight. Practitioners, instead, have developed a hypersensitive “gut reaction” in which they trust what conclusions come to mind or emotion.

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