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How to Make Spells Work

by Wanda Green
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When most people think of magic, they think of demons, wands, dragons, and pentagrams. While these can be part of magic, there is much more to it. Magic has excited many people all over the world since the dawn of time. From the ying-yang practitioners of China and Japan to the Vudun religious practices founded in West Africa (known as “voodoo” in Western parlance). Signs of magic are all around us, but as humankind became more “civilized,” we abandoned it, discarding it as myth and superstition. Most people do not have the patience – or the faith – to learn magic in modern times. This is an in-depth guide that explains how magic works and how to make spells work.

Let’s begin with the basic elements needed to make a spell work:

The Powers of the Moon

We see magic within the phases of the moon and the position of the planets. The moon especially is a powerful influence on magic. Like it pulls at the tides, it warps human emotion in predictable ebbs and flows. Did you ever notice how people sometimes get more agitated during the full moon? Traffic accidents and animal attacks become more common. The full moon is the time when the human world is drawn most strongly to the supernatural world. As a result, rituals for healing and summoning the spirits of the departed are best performed during this time.

Do not, however, attempt to rid yourself of curses or exorcise offending spirits during the full moon. You may make things even worse as small imperfections draw ambient energy in your ceremony. When working magic spells, never underestimate the importance of the correct moon phase and spell timing in general.

DividerMagical Energy and Spiritual Will

Regardless of what magical tradition you follow, the requirements for performing magic are the same. First, you need to harness your internal energy properly. Known as chi in Chinese tradition (or “life energy”), it takes training to direct it reliably. However, even beginners can harness this energy from time to time to work magic.

First, make sure you are in a state of mind that matches your spell. For instance, love spells require a lot of positive energy, while hexes or curses require negative energy. To clear your mind, breathe in and out, and envision yourself pushing all your conflicting emotions out of your body. Then when they are gone, summon your will to perform magic. This is like positive thinking used to psych yourself up before a difficult task.  However, it is even more important since the actions you take when you use magic are entirely spiritual. Physical effort cannot make up for a lack of spiritual will. These are simple exercises you can use after a spell has been cast or while you are waiting for results.

What you can do while you are waiting for the spell to work

Remember that magic does not always have an immediate effect. Spells can linger for weeks, if not months, before being implemented by the universe. For that reason, working magic on a whim is highly discouraged. By the time your spell takes effect, you may have forgotten the reason why you cast it!

Be sure to practice your positive thinking and visualizations while you are waiting for the spell to work. Your spirit is like your heart and brain in that it requires exercise to improve control. As you cast more and more, you will find it easier to get in the right state of mind. It also lets you find which spells are good and which ones are not through experimentation. Of course, getting your spells cast from a reputable spell casting service is even better.


The Proper Materials and Supplies

Best Materials, Ingredients and SuppliesMagic is a spiritual practice that needs to be performed properly and correctly. This is how you avoid undesired effects that could happen if you perform a magic spell incorrectly. As there are different types of magic, there are different materials and supplies needed for each practice. The use of each material influences the success of the spell. There are many different varieties of roots, incense, candles, herbs, seeds, etc. It’s important to use all ingredients accurately for the spell to be successful.

Why is it so important to use the proper materials and supplies?

When it comes to magic, using just any materials will not do. There are certain factors and elements in magic that actually determine the outcome. Most of these factors and elements are within our control; others are not. For example, a love spell must have certain ingredients, a specific incense, or a candle color to match your intent. There are also specific materials you will need to specify the actual result of the spell.

These materials must be produced in the exact condition it is asked for. Why? Well, if you are required to use a yellow candle anointed with Sweet Pea oil, you must do just that. Otherwise, you will turn the spell into something different altogether, and it may be something you don’t wish to happen. That’s why beginners of magic and witchcraft should never substitute any ingredients on their own accord.


Candles are one of the most commonly used supplies in magic and witchcraft. They are especially needed for ritual purposes, symbolizing the spirit, the intent, and energy. There are even basic candle rituals that you may participate in without even realizing. One of these rituals is blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Candles have a long history of use, and colors and scents are important for the potency of the spell work.  Usually, candles must have a certain color and be anointed with oils to work for your specific intent. The appropriate candle is necessary to create the energy and potency needed for the spell to produce actual results.


Incense, too, has a long history of use in magical rituals. It brings about fragrances, scents, and energy that ultimately manifests into powerful magic. It is needed to produce the desired effects with great power and potency. Incense is usually burned on charcoal discs to create the right flow of magic. But also, incense sticks or cones are useful and potent. In the end, it is just a matter of preference of the practitioner how the incense is burned.

Incense is most commonly used to incorporate the element of Air into the spell. It is also needed to create the proper energy that will ultimately lead to the results of the spell work. That’s why you must follow the instructions correctly. If a spell calls for a specific incense, it must be used with no substitutions or exceptions, except if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, the spell may produce different effects, in some cases even adverse effects.

Magical Oils

The more energy a practitioner can add to a spell; the more effective the spell will be. Using magical oils in magic will help to intensify the intention of the spell further. It also allows bringing as much outside energy into the spell working as possible.  The more energy you engage and harness for the spell, the higher the likelihood you will produce positive results.  With magical oils, one can begin to bring not only the energy of oil into magic but also the energy of the practitioner.

Other Materials and Supplies

Many more ingredients and materials, such as herbs, crystals, and roots, may be necessary for a spell. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of using the right tools such as an athame, censer, cauldron, and the pentacle.


Mental Condition of the Spell Caster

Mental Condition of the Spell CasterThere are so many elements that influence magic, one of the most important being the mental condition of the practitioner. Why is this so important? When performing any magic, spell, hex, etc., it will not work if the mood is not right. With magic being so influenced by your emotions, you must be in the right mental state for any type of magic to work properly. Many skeptics have dabbled in magic, using the ineffectiveness as their means to prove it is not real. However, they are just proving that if you don’t believe and your mental condition is not appropriate, you will not yield any results.

Emotions, an Unseen Force of Magic

Emotion and magic go hand in hand. Actually, emotion can be considered as the unseen force of magic. When conducting a spell that is cast for a specific outcome, the outcome has an emotion behind it. For instance, when you cast a love spell, there is love directed in the outcome. And the same applies to any type of spells aimed towards a specific emotion. If you attempt to perform a love spell without the feelings of love surrounding you, it is quite obvious that the feelings you put forth will be reflected in the spell, most likely causing adverse or no effects at all.

If you have an obsession with true love, you will most likely have a case of a stalker soon on your hands which could be quite dangerous for you or your loved ones. The entire mental condition of the practitioner should be appropriate for the results to manifest correctly.

Of course, there are money spells and good fortune spells, and you may be unaware that the emotions put forth into those spells must too be appropriate. It is quite obvious that if you have malice or contempt in your heart towards someone, the money or good fortune may come at their expense. Even a hint of envy could cause adverse effects. Usually in the way of causing some sort of misfortune to those that you had these negative thoughts towards. Any spell with negative feelings behind it will always have a negative result, which is worse than no result at all. That’s the reason why we always stretch on the importance of your intentions. After all, emotions and intentions go hand in hand.

Belief – The Key Emotion!

For skeptics that have for centuries tried to discredit magic by performing spells and yielding no results, you are not proving anything. In fact, if you are in disbelief of the magic you practice, you will never see any results manifest. This is because you haven’t put the key emotion into the magic: belief. Many of us have seen and heard of voodoo spells being ineffective on you if you do not believe. Well, the same goes for the practice of white magic and any other spiritual practice. If you don’t believe in what you are doing, you are just lighting candles and mumbling some words.

The Importance of Your Essence

Even if you are a beginner, you must make sure that you do not have any unintended emotions. This could cause your spell to backfire, and if you are inexperienced, this could cause large problems. Just as a candle has a specific essence, oil and incense have specific essence. You, too, bring with you an important essence into every spell you cast and every bit of magic you practice. If you do dabble in black magic, you will have to put forth your negative thoughts because your spells will fail if you’re thinking positive and seeking negative acts to manifest. Your essence is the largest essence of magic, and your mental condition strongly sways your magic.


The Will of the Universe

The Will of the UniverseThere is nothing scientific about magic, and there are no time limits or constraints. In fact, you could wait quite a while for results to manifest from a spell. The time it takes isn’t calculated, measured, or precise, as the timing of magic is most likely the most imprecise element, with the will of the Universe ultimately depicting how long it takes for your magic to take effect.  Those who have great experience in magic have seen spells cast after others work first. The Universe is a very sensitive structure that can manifest various things only as it is acceptable for the Universe to be still structurally sound. If the spell must wait, it must wait until the power and elements within the Universe are just right for the effects to manifest.

The Manifestation of Spells

As magic is not very scientific and the will of the Universe even less so, there are many theories about what gets spells going and what could cause delays. Many believe that the stronger the magic, the quicker you can see manifestation; however, others think that it doesn’t matter about the power. Some have been practicing for years and can still experience a long delay in spells. However, those who believe the magic’s strength makes a difference find that the stronger their emotions and the more force they put through to the spell, the shorter they wait to see it manifest.

When you initially perform a spell, your subconscious is at work putting forth several emotions and feelings. Sort of feeding the spell you are casting or whatever type of magic you are practicing, such as a hex or a charm. Nothing set in stone says your spell will manifest within a certain amount of time that the results will appear; however, if you are focusing on a certain time and place, it may be the Universe’s will for it to manifest in that manner. There is really no telling, the more positive and patient you remain, the better.

Don’t Chase the Magic

Often, practitioners, especially those that are beginning to dabble and have little experience, will search for their results, which is incorrect thinking. If you haven’t seen it, it probably isn’t there, and if you start searching, you may disrupt the will of the Universe. If you start trying to make way for the magic to manifest, you disrupt the unseen patterns that the Universe works off of, most likely causing your magic to take much longer or not appear at all. Also, if you are running around looking for the manifestation, you may miss it when it appears. Magic is not something you chase and is determined solely by the will of the Universe.

Importance of Focusing on Your Desired Results

Many get frustrated, wondering why their magic takes so long, sometimes waiting for weeks or months, maybe even a year or so. What can you do? Take this time to be patient and continue focusing on your desired results. This can actually help with the entire essence of the magic, allowing for the spell to come through much as desired. We don’t understand just how strongly our mental patterns are and when in tune with the Universe, you will find that the magic you practice begins to manifest exactly how you expect and when the time is right.

The will of the Universe knows when the time is right for the exact manifestation to appear, whether you think it is past due or not. You will find that when the spell takes effect, the elements, your personal need, and everything shows that the time is optimal for the effects of the spell to work out accurately.


Experience of the Spell Caster

Experience of the Spell CasterWhen practicing magic, the experience of the practitioner is quite essential to the strength of the magic. Much like any type of experience with any type of job or practice, your skills are honed, and your talents grow, the potential of your strengths increase, and you are overall better at performance. With magic, the same applies; with experience, your strength grows, and you learn how to properly focus certain energies towards the magic to manifest your desired results. As magic has so much to do with your inner self, the longer experienced practitioner is best able to focus the correct emotions and put forth the right elements through practice.

How to Begin with Spell Casting

Everyone has to start somewhere, and even the most experienced practitioners were once beginners, just starting with small spells and chants. Through continued research of the Occult and experience dabbling with various spells, the beginner becomes more knowledgeable. By learning various techniques and the right way to do things, the correct results will manifest. Many have spent years practicing under someone else’s teachings, which provides safety when just starting. We all want to start with the most powerful spells, but it just doesn’t work that way. Just as one must have the experience to land the perfect job, you must have the experience to cast a perfect spell.

There is no skipping experience; much like anything else in magic, there is a certain order in which things are done, and no magic practitioner can get the full effects on the first try. Many practice one spell for years just to get it right. Since magic is one of those things that can either go just right or horribly wrong, you have to ensure that you are ready to manifest the elements and essence necessary to carry out magic to its fullest potential fully. Even the simplest spells could, in fact, turn out quite horrible. Especially if you haven’t practiced, researched, and acquired the right amount of strength to put forth into your spell.

The Importance of Research

The first thing you must do when interested in practicing magic is to begin your research. This involves getting various readings, searching online, joining groups, and visiting online forums to get all the information you possibly can concerning the Occult and magic practicing. You will find various things in your research that will let you know the secrets you need to do when practicing magic. This is your time to decide once and for all if you are interested in getting involved. Once you have learned what you can from reading and research, it is time to find a master to work under. This person will take you under their wing and introduce you to the world you wish to belong to.

Learning through an Apprenticeship

Practicing as another’s apprentice can actually teach you things that many practitioners learn after years of practice through a great deal of experience with failing and succeeding. However, you will still require your own experience as your thinking and emotional will are different from anyone else’s. The one thing we bring to the plate that no one else can is ourselves. We hold a personal power that is directed and focused on gaining strength through years of experience and a great deal of success and failure of our own.

When you have experienced various spells with different supplies and materials, you will find that you are getting stronger in your powers and can focus on the appropriate emotions and feelings much easier than when you were still fresh in practice. Experience is essential to the practitioner and is the one thing that cannot be purchased for magic.


Building up Magical Energy

Building up Spiritual EnergyThe practitioner’s magical energy is where it begins to depend greatly on the type of magic you are doing. Building up energy involves using one or more rituals that are intended to bring forth your deepest powers. It protects your magic as well as offering a whole new quality feeling in life. You really won’t believe just how these rituals can greatly affect your entire aura and personal being. Which, of course, is reflected through your magic and puts the force into your spells, allowing them to contain much more potency and improving the potential for maximum success in the results.

Potency through Experience

When it comes to spell casting and other magical practices, the experience behind the practitioner greatly increases the potency of the magic. As there are various spells and rituals that can be used to build up the practitioner’s magical energy, the common practice of this type of magic spell will greatly increase your experience. Building up your energy in various ways, putting a great deal of potency behind your spells. As most of us are dabbling in magic against others that also have their hand in the craft, it is important that the spells are potent to take effect against those with strong powers.

Rituals to build up Energy

There is more than one ritual or spell that you can perform in order to build up your energy. It usually contains a ritual that adds protection to you as you perform your magic. This is a way of building your energy against the wrongdoing of others. Those rituals enhance your psychic powers, enabling you to channel the optimal spirit and energy when performing any magic spells. Also, these rituals will hone your magic, drawing in the energy necessary to put more force into your magic. Not only will your spells begin to work just as desired, but you will also find that you are able to focus more during the spells and get the exact manifestation you are seeking overtime.

The Strength of your Personal Energy

Of course, these rituals will not create the maximum strength the very first time, which is good because you still need the experience. These spells provide the basic experience you need to begin honing your magical energy and skills. You will find that you are getting less and less backfiring, and your spells penetrate those that also practice magic. You will also find that you feel much better in your personal life, and things just seem to be going your way. This isn’t a coincidence; in fact, you are experiencing just what these rituals are intended for. The energy put forth in your spells is your personal energy which you will feel improving as these rituals begin to manifest themselves properly.

Once you regularly practice these rituals and begin to get the proper experience, you will find that you are adapting to the practice quite nicely. This is where those that can hang stick with it, and those who can’t usually give it up. These energy-building rituals, too, require the appropriate materials and supplies.  And they should always be performed precisely as indicated to work properly.

When performing rituals that will directly affect your personal life, you want to be even more careful to ensure that nothing goes wrong. The effects could be quite difficult to reverse if you are a beginner and know not where you went wrong. This can be where it gets tricky, which is why it is always encouraged to practice around those with a bit of experience that will be able to monitor your spell casting and rituals.


Importance of Casting the Right Spell

Selecting the Best SpellCasting the proper spell is a matter of experience and energy you possess. Along with all the other elements of practicing magic, such as the ingredients, materials, down to the proper dialog. You will often find that your spells just haven’t manifested, and you may get a bit worried. Well, you can do things to ensure that you cast the proper spell every time and that you aren’t making any errors preventing your magic from working.

You must never forget that your magic doesn’t work on your time. You have to allow the spell to work as the will of the Universe allows it. If you find that the results you are waiting for are just not manifesting when you thought they would, you should still remain positive and patient as it just might not be the right time yet.

Record Your Magic Workings

If you record every bit of the magic you work with, you will be able to troubleshoot any problems that may hinder your results. This could involve purchasing the wrong ingredients or getting relics that are not truly what they were sold as. This is a common issue that causes some practitioners some unneeded stress. Always evaluate the ingredients and consider that the location you purchased the ingredients from may have been peddling fakes. This does happen as magic products and supplies are always in demand. Some scrupulous sellers find it profitable to distribute products that aren’t what they are claimed to be.

Keeping a journal or some sort of record as to where you purchase each item, the items you used, the words you spoke, etc., you will find that you will easily be able to pinpoint any issues you may have.

Do Your Research

Research does not always start and stop at reading various publications, spell books, or internet resources. It also includes speaking to the elders and most experienced in the practice. This can clue you into the absolute proper spells that you should be casting for the reasons you are casting. One problem practitioners have is that they may cast an improper spell for them or the situation, yielding no results. This is unavoidable, and most practitioners have done it more than once. Usually doing a bit of good research, they can quickly find out what they did wrong and what spell or ritual they should have been performing instead.

Experience is Key

Your experience will pave your magic road to success. It seems a bit corny, but it is the truth. The more experience you have, the more able you will be to indicate any issues when casting spells. You will be more apt to choose and cast the proper spell and carry it out with the proper elements and the most energy you have. You will find that casting the proper spell is something that you’ll learn through time. And keep in mind there will be a few failures as magic is all but scientific in any means.

When you have figured out how to avoid casting anything but the proper spell, you will find that you are more in tune with the will of the Universe instead of sweating anything you have done wrong. All these steps can be used together or alone to avoid any simple mistakes that could stand in the way of you casting the right spells. You want the magic you practice to be right for you, and that includes the spells you cast. You want the spells to be successful and work with your energy, not against it.


Your Belief in the Magic you are Working

Your Belief in MagicBelieving in the magic you are working is not just some simple advice; it is critical to the outcome of your magic. For years, people have tried to discredit magic simply by trying some off-the-wall spell with the wrong supplies and some gibberish, followed by a blank manifestation of nothing for them to say it doesn’t work. Well, in that case, it doesn’t, and that type of magic doesn’t exist. The type of magic that does exist is the type you believe in and has a lot to do with the Occult, so the first place you should start is with the research of the Occult. This can wake you up to age-old beliefs, the origination, what makes it work, etc. It can also involve delving deep into other practices such as black magic, hoodoo, voodoo etc.

How your Belief adds Potency to a Spell

When you believe in what you do, whether a basic job function or a religious act, you will find that you are quite successful in accomplishing your goal. Why is this? Well, as we believe, we provide an extra component of will into our magic. This elevates the potency and allows the manifestation to take on the form of the results we seek. It is similar to instilling our personal strength into the magical work. When working magic with disbelief in the back of your mind, you will find yourself not into the actual spell or ritual, leaving the atmosphere feeling void and without the energy that is needed to bring forth the manifestation.

Why you should not dabble in Magic if you can’t believe in it

If you cannot believe in magic, you must not dabble in it. When your mind isn’t open to the essence of the magic you are working on; the psychic energies are left out. What is left is a placid attempt to perform some sort of spell or ritual, ending up quite comical. If you base your belief on the outcomes, you are already taking the wrong approach. As stated before, you must believe in achieving. When the mind is not perceptive to the workings of magic, you cannot practice properly. This will leave you without the magical energies and with a bunch of useless information, materials, etc.

Being Receptive to the Magical Flow of Energy

You may be wondering how you are supposed to believe, and you should believe with all your heart. Just as you would believe in any religious activity, you should believe in the magic you produce. It is stated about Hoodoo that if you don’t believe, you cannot be affected. This is because your mind is not open to the energies that must enter you for the hoodoo to work. This is quite the same for any magic; however, it mainly applies to the practitioner. If you begin to dabble without the belief, the energies are not able to enter your aura. However, it may lead to an open door for undesirable magic to be put onto you without your knowledge.

When you believe in your magic, you will find that you are quite receptive to the magical flow of energy.  Your spells are much more powerful and potent when you instill them with positive thinking. You’ll also find yourself in tune with the magic you are working, with greater ease and openness to your practice. There will be a new world open to you that seems to bring forth feelings that have never before been felt, with your aura aglow with energy that you are continuing to improve and increase.

You will find yourself becoming more content and more successful in both your life and your magic, allowing you to be the practitioner you wish to be.

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