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In-Depth Guide to Love Spells​

by Cassandra McCord
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Magic can be found everywhere in the world.

There is magic with the sun rising every day, the plants quietly growing, the rain falling with a mix of hail, the sea making beautifully curled waves on the sand, the stars falling. Magic can also be seen in the most basic of human emotions, love.

Love is the most desired and coveted element of life. There are so many people in the world nursing broken hearts and carrying a love that is unrequited.

It is because of this that people do ask for help with love through magic.

What is a Love Spell?

Love spells are a combination of positive energy, focused intention, and a willingness to be quiet about the work. With these three actions in place, you can not only make a love spell work for you, but you can also enjoy the results, knowing that you made this love happen. In all its stages, from falling in love to entering into a commitment, love is a spell in itself.

A spell, by definition, is to be put into a trance, to be charmed, to be enchanted, or to win the complete affection of someone. It is often said that one has not truly lived until he has experienced love and was given love. It is from this basic quest of being fulfilled as a person that love spells come into play. Many people are now relying on love spells to find their one true love, return a lost lover, or remove problems from their relationships.

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Is a Love Spell right for you?

Is a Love Spell Right for You?

Love spells have been cast for ages, helping to bring together hearts and souls with the support of the universe. But what many people don’t know is how love spells work to help bring people together. Whether you’ve done a love spell or not, you can see how they are desirable to anyone who wants to improve their love life. And by understanding how these spells work, you can start to see whether a love spell is for you and what you will need to do to make it work.

What Do You Want?

Like any spell, a love spell begins with understanding what you want and need. You need to get clear about what the true goal of your love spell will be, whether it’s to find true love, return a lost lover, to find your soul mate, to get someone out of the way of your current relationship, or some other version of bringing love to your doorstep. Again, the clearer you can be in the beginning, the more the universe will understand what you want to happen.

Think for a bit about what the perfect outcome might be and what you’re willing to have happened to create this reality. Think about what the obstacles might be, what you already know, and what you are willing to commit to moving forward. Remember, the universe wants love in your life, and the clearer you can be about what you want to emerge, the more easily it can give you what you want.


Can You Believe in Love?

But what many people don’t realize is that love spells only work when you can believe in them. If you’re a person who does not think magic is real, then your beliefs will work against the spell’s energy. Think about it this way, when you walk into a party you don’t want to be at, you might seem like you’re excited to be there, but your energy tells another story. You might not have a good time because others can sense your energy and stay away, which just reinforces your feeling of not wanting to be there.

On the other hand, if you walk into a room you want to be in, you’re excited, your energy is positive, and people will be attracted to you.

If you’re trying to bring love into your life with magic, you need to believe it will work. With all of your heart, you need to believe that a spell is going to do what you want it to do. Even in the moments where you might have a little doubt, you need to bring yourself back to belief so you can see the love you want – and enjoy it.


Can You have Faith in Magic?

Whether you have experience with magic or not, you need to find a way to have faith in it. Even when things are taking longer than you expect them to, you need to have faith that things will still happen. Even when things aren’t turning out the way you thought they would remember that the end result is still on its way. The more you can remember that magic knows what it’s doing (and has known for eons), the more you will come back to faith.

Love spells are successful because of people’s beliefs and faith in them. And love spells work because the universe truly wants everyone to find love and happiness. All you need to do is ask. All you need to do is believe that magic will guide the way.


How Love Spells Work

How Love Spells Work

Love spells are like a prayer to the universe, which is why you need to give it time to work. You need to keep in mind several factors for them to work.

The Law of Attraction

To begin with, the Law of Attraction plays a significant role in love spells. Like, attract like, which is the basic principle of the Law of Attraction. And, when we talk about the Law of Attraction, you play a significant part too. If you are loving and lovable, then you will attract the same towards you. Your aura is full of energy which is what you send out in a love spell. As long as you have positive thoughts and are clear about your objectives, you release positive energy, which is essential for successful spell casting.



Regardless of who casts the spell, positive thinking and visualizing what you desire is enough to start a love spell. Visualizing is a way of sending off your request to the universe and energizing it with a power that what is wished for has already come true. Since all things are made of pure energy, thoughts are also comprised of energy. Aligned with the powers of the universe, pure thoughts turn into successful love spells. So make sure that your intentions are clear. Magic is so much stronger if there is a need attached to it. Need love instead of just wanting it.


The Importance of a Clean Aura

Speaking of aura, you need to learn to clean and keep your aura free from negative energies. Only a clean and attractive aura will attract someone who may be your true soul mate. Even when it comes to returning a lost lover or removing relationship problems, you want to make sure your aura is clean. A dirty aura appalls love and makes it more difficult for any lover to stay. Love spells will work wonders when you are free of any negative energy and, most importantly, negative thoughts.

With a positive aura, love will be drawn to you more easily.



Focus, focus, and more focus are needed in spell casting, too. Make the scenario in your head concise and to the detail. Avoid distractions and put time and effort into the preparation and performance of your love spell. Choose a quiet place where you can be alone so that there will be nothing to distract you.


Faith in the Spells you are Working

In addition, you need to have complete faith in magic and the result of the love spell. Genuine and sincere belief has the power to fulfill your desire and make a spell work. Remember, spells demand a constant stream of positive thoughts from you to be effective.


Your Intentions need to be Good

Your intention for the love spell needs to be clear from the beginning. You need to know exactly what you want and what that might look like. But even more importantly, you need to really want what you are asking for. As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.” You need to wish for something you really want and for something that you really believe you need in your life.

If you aren’t sure about casting the spell or having the spell cast for you, you may want to stop and think about it again. Think about what your life might look like with the results you envision. If you have any doubts, step back from the spell casting in order to decide what you really want.

When you are focused on what you really want, you can align your will to this design, and love will come your way.

Whether you cast a spell on your own or hire a professional spell caster, your intentions must be good. If you try to manipulate another against their free will, your spell will most likely not work. Even the potency of a gifted and professional spell caster requires direct intent to release and manipulate the energy that will make your spell work. Your thought processes, concentration, and good intentions are what contribute most to a successful love spell.

Choose the Type of Love Spell for your Needs

Types of Love Spells

When you’re ready to work with love, a love spell can help for many different needs and situations. Not only can you attract love and find love, but you can also bind love to you and get rid of anything (or anyone) who stands in your way. There are many different reasons to use a love spell, and here are nine examples that might include your situation.


Find a new Love or a Soulmate

The most common reason for a love spell is to find a new love or to bring a soulmate into one’s life. If you’ve been looking for love and haven’t been successful, you might want to use magic to attract the perfect person into your life. They might be just waiting for an energetic tap on the shoulder to know they need to find you and to love you. Click here for our True Love Spells.


Return a lost lover

If you’ve lost a lover in your life, it can help to use magic to aid in their return. You can call out to the person who walked away from you or who took on another lover, and you can use magic to remind them of the beauty you had in your relationship. They will come back to you, and you will be reunited forever. Click here for our Return Lost Lover Spells.


Remove relationship problems

When you’re already in a relationship and have troubles, you can use a love spell to bring love back into your life. Though you will still need to work out the problems, you can expedite the healing process and get back to where you were when you first fell in love. Click here for our spells to remove relationship problems.


Marriage proposal

If you’re with a person who seems to want to marry you but they haven’t proposed yet, you can use a love spell to bring them to this next step. They will instantly want to get down on one knee to commit to you for the rest of their life. Click here for our marriage spells. Click here for our Marriage Proposal Spell.


Ensure faithfulness

Whether you’ve had troubles with cheating in the past or not, a Faithfulness Spell can help you ensure faithfulness in your partner. They will only have eyes for you, and they will only be with you. Click here for our Faithfulness Spells.


Send an Unwanted Third Party away

When someone is trying to hurt your relationship, you need to get rid of them in a kind but firm way. With a Break-up Spell, you will be able to send the third party away from your relationship, and they will not interfere anymore. They will disappear from your life, will no longer be interested in your partner, and they will move on and focus on other things in their life. Click here for our Break-up Spells.


Increase lust

If your relationship has lost a little bit of the fire and spark, you can increase your lust once more with a lust spell and sex magic. The only trick is that when you use this magic, it can make things heat up so much that you might have trouble focusing on anything else but each other’s bodies. Click here for our Sex and Lust Spells.


Rekindle love

When you’ve been in love with someone before, but it’s been a while since you’ve been together, you might want to use a love spell to rekindle that spark. In doing so, you’ll be able to recreate the love you always wanted to have when the timing wasn’t quite right. Click here for our Rekindle Love Spells.


Bind your lover to you

And if you’re ready to commit to a person for the rest of your life, you can use a love spell to bind your lover to you. This will ensure you are together forever and that they only have love for you. Click here for our Commitment and Love Binding Spells.

With love spells, you can attract and keep the love you desire (and deserve) in your life.

Casting Successful Love Spells

Love spells tend to have more success than other spells since they have the pure energy of love. But just because you want love in your life doesn’t mean that you can’t help the spell be even more powerful.

With certain magical additions, you can ensure that your love spell works the right way the first time, while also ensuring that your spell is one which brings you the most happiness. With the proper timing, ingredients, and colors, you can enhance the attractive energy of your magical spell and ensure success.

Rituals can go from being simple incantations to ornate magical rituals. Different tools can be used for performing a love spell. There are potions, powders, mixes of herbs, talismans, candles, or voodoo dolls.

We have published an in-depth article about what a spell is and how to properly cast a spell. Please refer to this article for Step by Step instructions on how to prepare and how to cast your love spell.

Consider the Timing of Your Love Spell

Take your time scheduling your spell because the timing has to be right. Some days and times do affect the effectiveness of a spell, and in the case of love spells, Friday is a good day to be casting spells. This is because Friday is the day of Venus. It will also help if there is a full moon on that night. During this phase, the moon is at its most powerful, and magic is most potent.

Best days: Friday, Monday
Best moon phases: Waxing Moon Phase, Full Moon
Best Season: Summer
Best Full Moons: May, June, December

When you want to bring love to you, it can help to look to the moon for advice. If you’re going to begin a new chapter of a relationship or you want to find a new love, wait for the new moon to pass before you begin your love spell. This is the energy of movement and growth as the moon begins to seem larger and brighter as it journeys to the full moon. Over the course of these two weeks of growing energy, you can perform one spell again and again, or you might simply want to begin a spell at the new moon, lighting a candle to draw energy to the intention until the full moon. At the full moon, then you would stop the spell and let the energy of fullness soar into the universe. Often, spellcasters will see the results of these spells at the next new moon, as this is when new things begin.

Use the Right Ingredients

Set a specific date. Incorporate the appropriate music, objects, colors, and tools into your spell casting. Candles, roses, herbs, and oils add to the intentions of a love spell. They have energies of their own that can contribute to the wish coming true. Surround yourself with the color pink and the scent of apples. It will reinforce the message of the spell into your subconscious and will be more powerful and have more room for the love spell to work.

You may also want to enhance your love spells with love herbs and other tools and materials. Using herbs like rose, lavender, and lilac can all help to bring love into your life. As flowers grow, so can the love you desire. You might also want to picture a couple in love or collect other images you associate with love. In doing so, you will be able to continue to pull in energy, pulling that energy into your spell working. It can also be helpful to put a picture of the one you love on a small altar you set up for your spell work. If you are using crystals, then Rose Quartz will invoke the energies associated with passion and love. Essential oils like lavender and rosemary are ideal for spell casting. They are believed to soak in the magical energy from the Moonlight.

Make the spell personal by using simple words and words that you yourself understand. You can use the words in a love spell from a book as guidance, but it is always better to use words that are meaningful to you. Combined with your needs, your desires, and the energy you have used to prepare and cast the spell, the words you have used in the love spell will cease to be just words but something that can make your chanting as concentrated as possible.

Finally and most importantly, have faith and belief in the love spell that you have cast. In line with the positivity characteristic of spells, having a genuine belief that the spell you have cast will manifest your desire more. Credendo vides by believing one sees.

Colors to Bring Love to You

When you think of love, you might think of red, but this is often a color associated with lust instead of love. However, if you feel that red is the best choice, then use red candles or other red items in your spell. Traditionally, pink is the color of love, a pure love energy. Using a light pink can help attract that love you want into your life. You might want to put a pink scarf on your altar or in your bedroom to help draw the energy to you even more quickly. Wearing one pink item each day can also serve as a reminder of your intention and of the energy you want in your life. Some also like to use the color white to focus on purity and the serenity that comes with love. If you’re already in a love relationship and want to attract calm or growth to your love, think about using blue or green colors, respectively, for those energies.

You should also keep in mind that if you don’t have all of these ingredients, it doesn’t mean your spell will fail. Having the strongest intention is the only ingredient you really need – everything else is just extra power for the spell.



To be successful at casting love spells, you need to have knowledge of the tools and ingredients and be clear about what you want to achieve from the spell. The more confident you are about your abilities, the greater your chances of success. In addition, your desire and determination to succeed will go a long way in successful spell casting. Just make sure you prepare well and have the ability to focus on your situation and the desired outcome.


What a Love Spell can and can’t achieve

What Love Spells Can and Can't Achieve

They can’t simply make any random person fall in love with you out of the blue, and they cannot simply thrust random feelings into your head. Love Spells work by enhancing the already existent feelings within a person which they might fail to see or do not want to admit.

Often various factors like negative influences, stress, self-esteem, and negative people can suppress a person’s feelings for someone. Spells help clear the path for these feelings to come to the surface as they should. They do not work against free will and do not harm anyone in any way.

Genuineness, sincerity, and truth are three vital factors for a love spell to work as expected. When you wish for a spell to be cast on someone, you must really love and want that someone to love you back. And this might need some effort to make someone realize how much they mean to you.

Spells help people realize and appreciate your love by pushing away any evil influences, stress, or anything else that might be causing this unnecessary hindrance.

There may also be spiritual blockages, negative energies, magic, or other spells involved, that work against your goals and wishes. By working with love magic and removing these obstacles, you ensure that nothing spiritually blocks you from reaching your goal.


Love Spells and the Threefold Law

When you cast spells, any spell, you should always keep the Threefold Law in mind. While it does not apply to all types of magic, it applies to all followers of Wicca. The Wiccan rede states that what you send out into the world will come back to you three times stronger. In Wicca, this applies to the good and the bad.

That’s why you should never cast love spells to harm someone, break free will, or wish bad on anyone involved in a situation. Even with break-up spells, you should always consider sending them away by wishing them well.

Hiring a professional spell caster is recommended if you are unsure or worried about the Threefold law.


Love Spells and Ethics

Love Spells are designed to do good, bring happiness to all involved, and create an everlasting love between two people destined to be together. They are neither manipulative nor controlling. You can only cast a spell with a pure heart, with no intention to harm anyone; this includes the respect for free will. Love magic cannot be taken lightly either because it is powerful and not something to play around with. Only use love magic when your intentions are pure, honest, and true. Always consider the free will of the person you are casting a spell on.

The more experience you get with spellcasting, the more you will realize that rituals work on the basic principle of harnessing the forces of nature to bring a positive approach to your love life.

When your love is true and honest, it is entirely ethical to cast love spells. Once the wheels of love magic are in motion, the energies will clear the path so that the love energies can flow freely. The spell’s target will realize that you genuinely love them; they will open their heart and automatically reciprocate your love. It opens up channels of feeling between both partners, otherwise blocked with negative energies and other negative influences. That’s why love magic is most successful when you cast spells with true love in your heart.


What you can do to make Love Spells Work

The key is to believe in your inner self and use those innate powers to create powerful and positive energies that can be directed to your partner. This enables your partner to realize the truth about your relationship and your commitment to it. When true love is what you have, you can expect to get it back through magic.

Love spells work with the universal laws of energy to bring you what you desire most in your love life. As long as you are careful about what you ask for and the direction you want your love life to head, happiness could be yours once you cast a spell. The spell’s effectiveness depends on the amount of energy you put into it. Focus on an energy that is pure and meant for the goodness of all involved. The Law of Threefold works in your favor when you cast a spell with good intentions. Goodness will come back to you three times more.

Please also refer to this article, it explains in detail what you can do to make your spells work.


Keeping Silent

One of the most critical parts of spell casting is the ability to keep silent. While you might want to tell everyone you know that you cast a spell for love, this will dissipate the energy you are trying to harness. Instead, make sure that you keep your magical workings to yourself so that you cannot only hold all of the positive energy inside but so that you can be the only one who is focusing on this spell’s energy.

Even after the spell has worked, you might want to keep your energy to yourself. This way, you can continue to bask in the positive energy of your magical workings, knowing that no one can cast a negative light on what you have done.

With love spells, it takes more than just words to ensure they work. You need to begin with being as positive as possible about love, then being clear in your intention. Finally, you need to be ready to keep silent about the magic you have done and how it has turned out for you.

Magic is not something to be taken lightly – and when it comes to love, the more serious and focused you are, the better the results will materialize.


Importance of Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts will give a great start to your love spell. You don’t need to be a professional witch to create effective magic. Knowledge about yourself, the tools and ingredients used in spell casting, and a clear mind are the crucial elements needed to succeed. Give the universe a chance to hear your request and channel the positive vibrations to your partner. An intense desire to succeed is what it takes to make the spell work effective. The more faith you have in the spell, the greater the chances of it working in your favor.

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Mark February 1, 2022 - 11:12 pm

I want to help one of my friends. They are lonely and they want somebody to like them. I wanted to know if there was a spell To make two people love each other, without them liking me?
Please reply if you see this, I want to help her!

I Love Spells February 2, 2022 - 12:35 am

Yes, you can cast a love spell to help your friend. You can use any of the True Love Spells. Instead of using your information just use your friend’s details.

Stargazer February 17, 2022 - 3:03 pm

Thank you for sharing all these love spells, these are exactly what I was in search of. I am looking for something very specific and it’s hard to come by. I want to add some beneficial advice to your article, hopefully this will safe your readers some time and makes their spells more successful.

Many love spells depend on the natural law of attraction. This law means that like people attract other like people. When you do a love spell, you must send out positive energy and send out all the love and caring you can toward the person or persons you are interested in.  This adds to the intention of the spell and increases the success of the spell. 

Do some visualization as part of the spell or before you cast the spell.  This will allow your mind to be free of distraction and for your intent to be clear.  Positive thoughts make for very successful love spells. You get back the energy you send out to the world, the mark of a great spell and spell caster.

Make sure your aura is clean before doing a love spell. This means that negative energy is dispelled, leaving only positive energy in its wake.  Your aura must attract a lover and must not be wishy washy. Cleanse your aura using aura-cleansing techniques right before you do the love spell so as to be clean and whole before the procedure.

Blessings, Stargazer

Claus February 22, 2022 - 6:32 pm

I am still debating if I want to cast a love spell or not. It is important to me that I do not alter her true feelings for me. I want our love to remain true. We were having some problems, it started with communication problems, I became frustrated with her lack of sexual interest in me and cheated on her, once! She found out and left me. I regret what I have done, deeply. I want to do anything within my powers to proof to her that I love her and make up for my mistake. Would a love spell or a series of love spells help me, without manipulating her feelings for me, or force her to love me? I basically want her to forgive me and to give me second chance, I am sure she still loves me, she is just hurt. Any advice?

Joseph England February 23, 2022 - 9:29 pm

That’s very educational, thank you for contacting me.


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