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Marriage Proposal Spell

by Cassandra McCord
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Some men know all about love but just can’t seem to step up to the plate to propose. There are so many different reasons why the man you love may not be thinking about a marriage proposal that you can have difficulty reaching him. It may be family or friends interfering, or it could be simply fear making him hesitate. Don’t try to figure it out yourself or persuade him to do something he’s not ready to do! Instead, cast a marriage proposal love spell.

These spells will plant the seed of a marriage proposal in his mind. It will also eliminate the negative energy and fears that may have stopped him until now. Soon the urge to propose marriage will be overwhelming – and he’ll realize that all of his apprehension and the interference from others means nothing next to his desire to ask you to marry him!

Whether it’s simply cold feet or genuine confusion about his feelings for you, a marriage proposal love spell clarifies everything for him. He’ll see clearly that the future with you is NOW. It may take a few days or a few months, but soon he will be down on his knees, asking you to complete his life by being not only his soul mate but his life’s companion.

This marriage spell will have you flaunting a ring and planning your wedding day in no time!

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How Marriage Spells Work

If you have already envisioned your future together, it is time to make your partner realize that you are prepared to take your relationship to the next level. A life together is what you want. A Marriage Proposal Spells will help them realize that it is time for a long-term commitment. Soon, you will be the most desirable spouse in the world for him, and he will focus on important things like commitment and marriage. The proposal is the first step towards a lovely future, and the spell will work as an encouraging factor for the beginning of a future full of bliss and happiness.

Ingredients for the Marriage Spell

  • Coconut Oil
  • Three white rice kernels
  • Gardenia Petals
  • Rose Petals
  • Ylang Ylang Oil
  • Rock Salt
  • One Red Candle
  • One Pink Candle
  • One White Candle
  • Exacto Knife
  • Romances Fire Oil
  • Gardenia Oil
  • Jasmine Oil
  • Rose Oil
  • Bride and Groom from a Wedding Cake
  • Rose Quartz
  • Kunzite
  • White Silk Cloth
  • Musk Incense
  • Lavender Incense

How to Cast the Marriage Proposal Spell

Timing: Must be cast during a New Moon

You must take a ritual bath on the night of the spell. Place the following in your bath water: ½ cup of Coconut Oil, ½ cup of ½ rock salts, three white rice kernels, two handfuls of Gardenia petals, a handful of Rose Petals, and four drops of Ylang Ylang.

Everything you would like to have at your actual wedding should be placed on your altar. Your altar should resemble a wedding day. Take photos of a cake, wedding dresses, place flowers you would like to see, etc.

Once your “wedding” altar is prepared, cast your circle and anoint your candles with the Romance Fire Oil in addition to the other oils. See the diagram for placement. Take the Exacto Knife and carve the bride’s name, astrological signs, and birthday into the Red candle. Carve the Groom’s information into the pink candle.

Diagram for Marriage Proposal Spell

Make sure that the red and pink candles are side by side, touching each other. Once they are burning down and the wax melts, they will become one. Place the bride and groom figures in front of their correct candles (if you are the bride, place it in front of your red candle and vice versa for your partner). Place the rose quartz on the left next to the red candle and the Kunzite on the right beside the pink candle. Put the incense next to the white candle. Next, light the incense and the candles, starting with the white candle followed by the red and the pink candles.

Now you must focus on your goal of marriage. That must be the only thing that is going through your mind. Please think of the wedding itself, the wedding season (when you want it to occur). Visualize the joy the marriage will bring you. Then look into the future at how happy you will be as a married couple. Envision the two of you having children, raising them, and then growing old together. Silently ask for marriage, asking them to propose to you. Follow all the steps outlined in our love spells guide.

After your silent wish, say:

Bound together, forever as one

Man and Wife, love for life

So mote it be

Let the candles burn out together, letting their wax become one. Once melted, take the wax and wrap it in the White Silk cloth. Put this somewhere that it will be safe and not bothered. Please return it to nature after your partner has proposed to you.


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