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Black Magic Spell to Bring Back an Ex

by Franklin Johnson
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A black magic spell to bring back an Ex does exactly what the name suggests; it uses dark magical forces to return your lost lover to you. When people experience the pain of a break-up, they are willing to resort to manipulative magic. This spell is manipulative, controlling, and interferes with free will. Before you use this spell, please make sure that this is what you really want, as these types of spells are complicated to reverse. If you need help in choosing the correct type of spell, then please refer to this article. Many white magic love spells on our website are equally strong; please consider them before proceeding with black magic.

Spells to bring back an Ex open the heart and soul of your to make them fall in love with you again. The negative feelings of the past will fade away, and the dark clouds of separation will leave. There will be newfound trust and bond which won’t ever go again. The results of the spells are long-lasting and generally last forever.

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Ingredients for the Black Magic Spell to Bring back an Ex

  • Sage
  • One raw chicken wing
  • Bayberry Oil
  • Pink candle
  • Sterile needle to collect three drops of blood from your index finger
  • String
  • Matches
  • Sheet of paper
  • Best time to cast this spell: Night of the Full Moon

How to Cast the Spell to Bring back an Ex

Start the ritual by cleansing and consecrating the candle. Burn some sage for protection.

Engrave the Sigil of Demon Anael into the pink candle. She rules over love and lust, and her powers will aid you on your mission.

Sigil of Demon Anael

Sigil of Demon Anael

For this spell, it is recommended to anoint the candle with Bayberry Oil. It has powerful controlling powers that will ultimately help to bring back your ex.

Light the pink candle with the match.

Put the parchment paper in front of you, take the chicken wing and draw your lover’s name onto the parchment paper. The name won’t be visible. Next, draw your own name on top of your lover’s name.

Black Magic Chant

Take the candle into your right hand.

Chant six times:

Salima Ratiki Bustako

Next, use the candle and drop six drops of wax anywhere onto the paper.

Again, lift your right hand with the candle and chant six times:

Salima Ratiki Bustako

Drip another six drops of wax onto the paper.

Repeat one more time, lift the candle, and chant six times:

Salima Ratiki Bustako

For the third and last time, drip another six drops of wax onto the paper.

Now, put the candle down and prick your index finger with the needle. Drip three drops of blood onto the parchment paper. While dripping the blood, focus on your lover to return to you. Try to build up as much energy as you can.

Finally, snuff out the candle. Wrap the contents in the paper and tie it with the string into a small package. That same day, bury it in a sunny spot next to a tree, or burn it outdoors and throw the ashes into the wind.

Light the remaining candle on the following full moon until it has burned out.

Coven Tips for this Love Spell

  • If you can’t find parchment paper, you can substitute it with baking paper or a piece from a brown paper bag.
  • It is best to use a pink candle for this spell; you may use a black candle if you need to substitute it.
  • Should wildlife or an animal dig up the package after burying it, this is no problem. What matters is that the package was buried, regardless of what happens to the package after the burial.
  • If you are new to magic, it is recommended to cast a non-black magic spell to return a lost lover. This article gives you many other options.
  • You can cast this spell at any time, day or night, except the waning moon phase. However, it will be most potent if cast in the night of a full moon.
  • If you need to replace the bayberry oil, please only choose oak oil, cedar oil, or bergamot oil.

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Lia January 20, 2022 - 12:16 pm

Going to try this spell on my ex. Will definitely come back with some feedback.
Been a witch for 5 years now. All my love spells have worked so far. Especially when trying to get an ex lover back.

Raven February 12, 2022 - 9:15 am

I did it recently too just waiting for that full moon to burn the remaining candle. I have faith it will work.


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