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What is Black Magic? How to Use and Practice Black Magic

by Franklin Johnson
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First of all, you need to know that black magic spells have to be done with the right intent and should never be used to harm someone. They aren’t about evil spells or devil worship; even black magic love spells bring love from one person to another. No one is harmed, and the magic is usually successful. It is also referred to as “dark magic,” and it involves a collection of practices that include the use of sorcery and the invocation or drawing upon somewhat malevolent spirits. Some people believe that black magic only involves harming individuals or destroying their property, but this is just not the case; it can involve the use of rituals, amulets, spells, and incantations.

How You Can Use Black Magic

Some interesting ways to practice this form of magic involve spells that kill diseases or pests. In that sense, the disease or pest is malevolent, and it takes a malevolent force to get rid of it. In some cases, black and white magic is differentiated because white spells are defensive and curative, while black magic spells are offensive spells or elemental spells. This is not the difference between good and evil but instead represents the type of magic cast in the spell.

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Different Theories about Black Magic

Black Magic TheoriesSuffice it to say that there are different realms of thought when it comes to black magic versus white magic. Some argue all magic is dark when we know this is not the case. There is the theory called the Dark Doctrine, which holds that dark magic draws upon the powers of darkness and represents a “left-handed” point of view. There are those that hold the theory that black and white magic are entirely different and that it is easy to tell the difference between the two by the intent of the spells. If this were the case, then black magic love spells would not exist because the intent of the dark forces is love and not something malevolent. Some believe that white and dark magic are not the opposites of each other and are completely different in all ways—but not the opposite. Finally, there are those who believe that black and white magic blur together and are mostly separate but equal forms of magic. Dark magic differs from white magic only in the intent and the goals. Just as white magic can conclude to a bad end, dark magic can have a positive outcome. This is when white and black magic become shades of gray.

Some believe that dark magic is really all magic done under the auspices of the Moon or “darkness,” and white magic is done in the light—under the auspices of the sun. This means that there is nothing evil about dark magic spells and nothing particularly benevolent about white magic spells. The intent of both types of magic is the same—not to harm another being.


The Practices of Dark Magic

Dark magic has many practices, depending on where you live in the world and what you believe in. There are spells such as “true name spells” in which knowing another’s true name gives you ultimate control over that person. There are also spells related to “immortal rituals”, which are rituals done to extend a person’s life. It takes energy from another person’s life to prolong another, which is why they are considered black or dark.

There are as many black magic spells as there are white magic spells. The practice of the dark arts often means you draw upon different deities to accomplish something. It is a practice that some people choose for themselves over white magic.


Learning Black Magic

While learning how to work with spiritual dimensions, you are bound to hear a good bit about things you should not do. This includes embracing black magic and any other practice where you may cause some type of harm to another individual. Depending on the people you are learning from, you may even be led to believe that these practices do not work, or worse yet, that harmful magic really doesn’t exist. In both cases, you may be left in a situation where you do not know how to deal with black magic, let alone actually resolve problems that may require it. At the very least, if you suspect someone is using dark energies against you, it may be of some help to understand what is and what is not involved.


Using Black Magic in Conjunction With Demonic Forces

Demonic ForcesTo begin, it is imperative to realize that black magic existed long before the Judeo-Christian concept of demons. Therefore, when it comes to summoning demonic agents for the purpose of causing harm, only those who worship them would fit into this category. Interestingly enough, even the vast majority of Satanic worshipers summon demons to ask for assistance with personal or community needs. In some traditions, you will also find practitioners who will make supplications to angry or malevolent beings to appease them. That said, even these beings tend to have redeeming characteristics that ensure they will do humanity’s bidding instead of simply wreak havoc at all levels.


The Goal of Black Magic is to Cause Harm

When it comes right down to it, a special brand of insanity is required within any person or entity that seeks to cause harm nonstop. Typically, black magic can be used as a form of defensive magic and attack those who have already caused some kind of harm to an individual or their associates. Needless to say, the harmful outcome of these rituals will be viewed differently based on the orientation to the recipient. For example, if magic is used to cast a hex on someone you don’t like very much, you may feel they got what was coming to them in the karmic sense. On the other hand, if you are on good terms with the person, you may feel sympathy for them and against the spell caster and the person represented by them.


Black Magic is More Powerful than White Magic

Overall, when you feel sad, angry, or upset, black magic will appear more powerful simply because you are vibrating at that level. Similarly, when you are happy and taking a positive view of the world, white magic will seem far more powerful than any curse or hex. It can be said that neither magic is more powerful than the other. Instead, it is how the person shifts from a state of scarcity to abundance that truly matters. For example, if you are unhappy about the direction of a love affair, either form of magic can enable you to succeed. However, if you use black magic to start, you will eventually need to shift into a more positive mind frame to attract the love you truly want.

Even though you may not rely exclusively on white or black magic, the latter can help you get through some challenging situations. Since using black magic can often signal you will change your mind about what you think you want, it may seem to make more sense to start with white magic to go directly for what will be the best for you. That said, when you have a lot of painful emotions to process, sometimes black magic truly offers the best way to dissipate those energies in a manner that does the least amount of harm.


Using Black Magic Spells

SpellsMany people dealing with difficult situations or people in their lives eventually reach a point where they wish something horrible would happen to their antagonizers. Since these feelings are perfectly normal, you should not automatically assign the definition of “evil” to dark magic or rituals that cause harm in some way. That said, before you start casting black magic spells or have them cast on your behalf, it is not enough to believe that you are right. Rather, it is important to understand what kinds of changes you want to occur and how to create an outcome that offers everyone a better outcome, whether they deserve it or not.


Times  When You Feel a Need to Force an Outcome

Consider a situation where you have problems with a job supervisor and cannot afford to lose your job. Under these circumstances, a practitioner of white magic might tell you to envision the other person getting a promotion or creating some other beneficial outcome that will remove them from your life without causing harm. As hard as you try, it may be impossible to wish good for someone that is causing you so much harm. Even though this person is truly a mirror representation of your own energies, you may need to cast some sort of revenge spell to put an end to that reflection.

Typically, black magic is considered problematic because these spells can and often go against other people’s will. That said, as you learn about your true nature as one with everything else, it will be easier to amend these issues and align your own energies with positive outcomes.


The Ethics of Going Against Free Will

It is crucial to realize that the term “free will” only means that you are free from predestined outcomes. That does not mean your choices cannot be altered by various events or energies that come into your life. When you work with black magic, you can still cause another person to make choices that you believe will lead to a specific outcome. Interestingly enough, if you are not willing to be subject to the outcomes forced by others, you can rest assured that your own efforts will fail, and you may even wind up with a number of harmful rebounds from your efforts.

Perhaps it can be said that when it comes to black magic spells and the violation of free will, you should always start by asking what you would want if the situation were reversed. If you find that you would like to be forgiven, or for some other gentler answer, you should take that into consideration since that is precisely what will happen for that person, regardless of the spell you decide to cast.


Choosing Your Path in the Arena of Dark Magic

Even though many people try to avoid black magic, just as many others embrace it when they feel upset or angry. Once you decide to start casting black magic spells, you are bound to find yourself still trying to choose the best possible path in the situation. Since many of your choices will be based on what you think others think you should do, it may take some time to develop a clear sense of what you truly want as an individual. While this process may not be easy,  all magical paths will bring you to these lessons again and again.

As fascinating as the spiritual realms may be, you should always give serious thought to every spell you cast, regardless of whether it is considered a white spell or a  black one. This will help you keep a balanced perspective and make it easier to achieve goals that have both a tangible and evolutionary good. Needless to say, if you feel drawn to black magic and spells, keeping a focus on learning the true meaning of self as one with everything else will always make it easier to choose paths that work for beneficial ends.


Possible Dangers of Black Magic

Even though there is nothing inherently evil in black or white magic, the energies of the spiritual dimension can be dangerous to anyone not aware of how they work. Because black magic tends to focus more intently on generating a specific outcome, some view it as more dangerous than white magic. Therefore, if you need a more forceful approach to any given situation, you should make sure that you know as much as possible about the energies and powers that make black magic an effective tool.


The Nature of the Power Behind Black Magic

Over time, humans have identified a mysterious power or energy that appears to cause all kinds of changes in the physical world when approached in specific ways. Today, even modern scientists admit that photons and subatomic particles will behave exactly as experimenters believe they will, even if each experimenter holds an opposing view in different experiments. Whether you call this energy dark matter, heka, universal life force, or associate it with a deity, it can be used for good or ill depending on the intent of the person working with it.


Pathways to Manifestation

Chances are, you already realize that physical matter actually makes up less than 1% of all that exists in the universe. While there are many debates about what can and cannot be detected using various devices, scientists conclude that there must be undetected forms of energy and dimensions. Since practitioners of black and white magic have been working with these energies for centuries, it should come as no surprise that some have become very effective at taking energy from one dimension and using it to create changes in physical matter. In fact, it is said that black magic practitioners can affect as much as 25% of physical matter in any given location by casting spells and engaging in other rituals.


Systems Commonly Associated with Black Magic

If you are interested in a particular outcome, it may be of some help to focus on magical systems that will give you better control of the energies commonly used in black magic. This includes working with Voodoo, Obeah, Curanderismo, and Santeria. Individuals that want to work with origin systems may also be interested in ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Hindu magical systems.

It is essential to realize that demon worship is no more a part of black magic than it is white magic or any other religious system. Typically, the worship of demons and even acknowledging their existence tends to have more to do with systems that seek to personalize harmful aspects of life. On the other hand, the use of black magic tends to focus on the destruction of energies that form into blockages or other types of problems.

Perhaps it can be said that delving into the spiritual realms is a bit like becoming a medical professional. At some point, you are bound to learn about something that appears harmful or dangerous and then be convinced that you are a victim of it. In the arena of learning how to cast spells or converse with spirits, dark magic is often considered to be the equivalent of disease. That said, once you begin to understand the true purpose and uses of black magic, you will soon realize that you are not a victim of it any more than a nursing student who has a rare disease by virtue of reading about it. After you work past this point, you will find that the pathways and power of black magic will be as much at your service as those traditionally associated with white magic.


The History of Black Magic

Black Magic HistoryWhen someone breaks a promise, makes you feel ashamed, or causes you to feel pain, it is very natural to want to strike back at them. Similarly, families, societies, nations, and even entire species can build up negative feelings about each other. The instinct to perform black magic rituals can occur at any point when negative feelings exist. While some would call hexes and other forms of magic evil, it cannot be denied that coping with negative energies also includes finding some way to dissipate them so that the underlying problem can be resolved. As you look at the history of black magic, it is important to keep this focus instead of one that drags you down into harmful energies instead of assisting in their resolution.


Origins of Black Magic

Perhaps it can be said that black magic has existed as long as anger, pain, and shame have existed within the human consciousness. In fact, if you look at the history of ancient Egyptian magic, you will find that heka was often used as a protective force. This includes using it to bring bad luck to enemies of the nation and others that were seen as harmful to the goals of the community or of individuals.   As you study the history of witchcraft, shamanism, magic, religion, and even science, any point where something is done to bring harm to an enemy instead of directly resolving the matter without harm can be seen as a primary origin of black magic.


Black Magic During the Dark Ages

It is imperative to realize that black magic did not take on evil connotations until the dark ages. During that period, every form of ritual not carried out by church clergy was designated as witchcraft. Since the clergy falsely claimed these rituals aligned with demons, it became impossible to separate hexes and other forms of black magic from the concept of evil. Unfortunately, even to this day, many spells aimed at deconstructing a troublesome situation are viewed as dark magic simply because people do not understand their intent, let alone the energy used to empower them.


Black Magic Modern Times

Today, many people either claim black magic does not exist or say it cannot work simply because white magic will cancel it. On the other hand, if you have ever experienced pain or sadness in your own life and alluded to the other person’s “karma”, it becomes apparent that dark magic is as real as it is effective. Unfortunately, many people that claim to know how to cast hexes truly don’t know what they are doing because they have little understanding of what needs to be resolved beneath the negative emotions. That said, if you take the time to learn more about how negative emotions develop and how to dissipate these energies, you will find black magic useful and constructive.

There is no question that the rise of Christian churches created an enormous change in how our species views the spiritual world. Before this point in time, humans did not hesitate to cast hexes or ask for other forms of “dark” working to be used for defense. Fortunately, as we become more open to the truth about human nature and its interaction with the spiritual planes, it is becoming a bit easier to understand the role of black magic as well as use it for advantage instead of ruin. At the very least, if you can divorce black magic from demons that do not even exist in Wicca and other pagan practices, it will be much easier for you to expand your skills and live respectfully with the energies around you.


The Practitioners of Black Magic

Black Magic WitchChances are, you already realize that each person has unique aptitudes and talents. When it comes to casting spells and performing magic rituals, some people are naturally better at black magic than others. Therefore, when it comes to learning more about this type of practitioner, you should at least be aware of what they can do as well as how to find the best one for your needs.


Typical Spell Types

Overall, black magic spells are usually designed to create a complex energy field that will undo various situations by the invocation of force. For example, hexes, banishing, curses, and other black magic spells will either block something good from happening to a person or group, or they will actively seek to destroy something that was of benefit. Interestingly enough, love, abundance, and health spells do not fall outside the sphere of black magic. For example, love spells might be cast in a way that the desired person is bound to you, or they will face various consequences. Similarly, black magic abundance spells might focus on bringing bad luck to bill collectors, as well as anyone that might be competing with you for money. In the arena of health, black magic spells might be used to kill disease organisms and eliminate other factors that cause you to be ill.


The Difference Between Deconstruction and Evil

It is very important to realize that many aspects of black magic are considered harmful simply because they undo something that another person might want to have in their life. For example, if you are in pain because a lover has chosen to be with someone else, those two people may not be very happy when bad luck befalls them. Perhaps it can be said that evil only occurs when energies are used at random to cause harm and for no other purpose. While black magic can have serious effects, in the end, the outcome tends to be something better than what would have happened. This may include romantic partners finding someone more compatible to be with or other situations being brought to a close that would otherwise have lingered. On the other hand, no good can come from evil actions.


Finding a Qualified Practitioner

Even though your emotions and desires may be powerful, you will also need an enormous amount of discipline to conduct black magic rituals. In most cases, even if you try to cast a few black magic spells, you will quickly realize that the energies are volatile and can easily rebound on you. Therefore, if you are serious about using black magic, you should find someone adept at working with these energies. Depending on your situation, you can try to find someone with a reputation in your community or look for someone online to help you. No matter where you find black magic practitioners, you should take some time to dialog with them so that you can let your intuition help you make a decision about proceeding.

Many people will tell you that you should never have anything to do with black magic. While there are many risks involved, it is also important to note that fear is and will always be your worst enemy. If you feel that you need to dissipate negative emotions or a situation truly needs to be eliminated, then it may be better to work with a black magic practitioner and associated rituals before seeking to use the constructive energies more commonly associated with white magic.

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Odin February 16, 2022 - 7:52 pm

Magic in itself is neutral; it can be either used for smashing or for building like a hammer. The intent is what colors it is. Black magic is harmful, destructive, or negative, whereas white magic is helpful, constructive, and positive.

The definition of evil and good magic varies depending upon the practitioner. Black magic is performed by using magic with evil intentions and in dark ways, whereas, in contrast, white magic is performed for benevolent and good reasons.

There may be reasons to use dark forces, but it’s never because they are more powerful. After all, they are not.


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