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What is White Magic?

by Wanda Green
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Magic, the energy that flows within and through all things—which is also known as life/universal energy—is neutral. Magic is potential energy or energy that is static until given purpose; similarly, electricity is constant and available, but no light can be used until the choice is made to turn on a lamp. Until the practitioner’s intent is applied, magic lacks purpose. In the case of white magic, the practitioner raises, builds upon, and works with positive intention. In doing, the pattern of white magic may be altruistic to accomplish “good deeds”, or it may be more proactive, actively operating for the “greater good” and the most beneficial outcomes.

White magic is a philosophy of magic. In white magic, the practitioner has help and healing as their goal. It does not intend to harm anything or create obstacles to anything. There are those who believe specific spells are considered “white magic” and that all others are gray magic or black magic. Others believe that all spells that do not harm an individual or create an obstacle for someone fall under white magic.

If you do some research, you will find that most people claim they only carry out white magic rituals. Since white magic is only used to achieve positive results, most people feel that it’s safer than many other kinds. Unfortunately, even if you are working with a specialist in white magic, certain rituals can technically be seen as detrimental based on perspective. This is just one of many reasons why you should always be aware of the nature of the ritual and its impact as opposed to the color label attached to it.

DividerBasic Values

As with any other kind of magic, practitioners of white magic seek to create changes using unseen forces. That said, in white magic, success is not always measured by whether or not you achieve a specific goal. Rather, the methods you use are deemed just as important as the outcome. In this case, practitioners of white magic will not use demonic forces or anything else that might include harming another being. It can be said that all the best attributes of honorable people can be seen as those found in white magic.


Things You Will Find

When it comes to ritual tools, you will find pendulums, tarot cards, runes, and many other tools that practitioners of different magic types may use. You will also find that witches following the path of white magic have a strong sense of ethics. This includes being unwilling to conduct animal sacrifice or do anything else that would cause harm to another being. Even though these witches will not cast hexes or curses, they are fully capable of removing them using a range of counter-spells and other methods.


Things You Will Not Find

Overall, white magic refrains from using anything that would violate another person’s free will or well-being. No matter how angry or upset the person may be, you can rest assured that practitioners of this form of magic will seek to avoid and even prevent causing harm. When it comes to tools, spells, and rituals, their focus is always on achieving beneficial outcomes using means that do not cause harm. As may be expected, you will not find animal sacrifice, let alone anything else that involves the loss of life or some type of maiming.


Is White Magic Practical?

Practical MagicAcross time, you are sure to find all kinds of stories about situations where people and even the gods cannot avoid getting angry and lashing out. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that being able to manipulate dark forces is seen as an essential part of practical magic in many parts of the world. It is crucial to realize that the powers of white magic are far more powerful than anything produced by the dark. If used properly and with the appropriate intentions, you will find that white magic is far more practical than you may have ever dreamed possible.

There is no question that many practitioners of magic get started because they feel helpless in any given situation. No matter how many distressing emotions may be involved, those who practice white magic will always do their best to create positive outcomes. In fact, no matter how tempted you may feel to cast a hex or create a binding on another person, all of these things can easily be undone by white magic. At the same time, achieving specific goals will always be done with an eye towards promoting life, well-being, and love. Perhaps it can be said that if the magical form does not promote love or ensure well-being for all involved, then you are truly looking at another magical type.


Three Basic Principles of White Magic

Even though you may have all kinds of challenges in your life, you may still feel a bit distressed at the idea of casting hexes or seriously wishing someone else harm via magical means. Aside from that, you will also find that demeaning yourself during a ritual or engaging in other acts associated with black magic may make you feel worse as the days go by. These are just a few reasons why you should learn more about the principles of white magic. While you may not always be able to live up to these fundamentals, you can always use them as a goal to aim for as you move deeper into the spiritual realms.


A Respectful Code of Conduct

It is essential to realize that many aspects of the spiritual world are similar to the physical world. In particular, there may be times when magical workings can be used to force someone to do things they would not normally do. If you are going to have a reasonable level of control of your own life, it is imperative to maintain a level of respect for others that will prevent harmful workings from rebounding back on you. In particular, when it comes to respectful conduct in white magic, you should never cast spells, attempt to divine the future, or otherwise, work on someone’s behalf without their knowledge and consent.


For the Highest Good of All

Some people will tell you that black magic is primarily about serving the needs of the individual, even if those ends are selfish or driven by ego. On the other hand, all aspects of white magic are aimed at a higher good that may not always be discernible from your current vantage point. For example, when you use white magic, you can always cast a spell to draw something desired into your space. If it does not manifest, it can be said that the highest good will not be served by allowing you to have what you want.   While this may be frustrating enough to drive you to seek other magical forms, it would be better to look more carefully at the situation and your life path.

In many cases, you may find that you need to make many changes in your life to accommodate what you want to have. Without a doubt, once you start moving in the right direction, you will also find that white magic will enable you to have what you want. Typically, once your energies and path are aligned towards a higher good, the reward of successful manifestation will be your reward for moving in that direction.


Spiritual Evolution and the Highest Good

When you are stuck with financial problems, health challenges, or romantic issues, you may be inclined to say these matters prevent you from evolving spiritually. Since many of these problems are caused at an unseen level, you may simply want to view them as an invitation to start delving into alternative dimensions so that you can make lasting and positive changes. This is especially important to consider because the end goal of white magic is to bring the human species along on its evolutionary path. As a result, when you experience problems in your daily life and decide to start resolving them in spirit, the ethical level used during ritual work will be as important as the goal you set for yourself.

Across time, humans have always had a choice between helping others and causing harm. When it comes to magical workings, you will always have a choice between resolving matters by using black or white magic. Before you decide to use black magic, you should at least strive to learn the principles of white magic and use them as much as possible.


White Magic: History and Practice

History of White MagicWhen people hear the terms “white” and “black” magic, they often conclude that the former is always safe, and the latter always causes harm. Contrary to this belief, it is important to realize that neither form of magic was created solely for destructive or evil purposes. At the very least, you should learn more about the history of white magic so that it will be easier to understand how this form of magic can be used safely and for the highest level of benefit.


Pre-Christian White Magic

As you may be aware, almost all Western or European magic forms can trace their roots to Mesopotamia, Egypt, and other societies whose traditions found their way into Greek and Roman spiritual traditions. Since sorcerers in ancient cultures could as easily cast hexes as they could create love and abundance talismans, “white magic” had nothing to do with the intended outcome. Rather, it simply referred to the conscious usage of magical words or rituals to alter various elements of physical reality. By contrast, “black, or unseen magic” referred to the use of unconscious energies and ideas to alter the physical world.


White Magic Before the 20th Century

While modern churches and science both tend to reject magic, medieval scientists were actually very interested in it. For example, Albertus Magnus and several other scientists were as eager to explore and lay the groundwork for the scientific method as they were in finding ways to turn lead into gold as well as achieve other goals using spells and other types of magic. In fact, as you read Hermetic literature and other magical references, you will find observations related to chemistry, physics, biology, and medicine right alongside instructions for creating divinatory mirrors and tables of angel names.

As time went by, magical practices such as the creation of charms became transformed into making relics of the bones of saints, while many who practiced sorcery embraced Jewish Kabbalah and Christian ideas about demons and angels.   Even at the height of the witch trials, science, occultism, and religion continued to borrow from each other as they evolved into discreet systems and defined practices. Needless to say, this evolutionary process included plenty of detraction and misinformation as each discipline sought to gain as many loyal followers as possible.


Modern Times and Practices

Individuals that wish to practice magic in the modern world may find it easier in some regions than others. Fortunately, when laws against witchcraft are repealed, local people soon find their way to assembling information and ensuring that traditions are promoted in a healthy way. For example, when the laws against witchcraft in England were repealed in 1951, Gerald Gardner, Aleister Crowley, and others soon began to reveal information that had been preserved for centuries by secret orders of magicians. Today, you will find that magical practices often include spells and rituals from many different cultures and far more access to historical documents from Egypt, China, and other key sources of information about the nature of the spiritual world.

No matter whether you lean towards folk medicine, Wicca, neo-paganism, or syncretic adoptions of Christianity, you will always find some aspect of white magic in your workings. As you gain more information and experience with the unseen world, you are also bound to find places where you will need to explore on your own as opposed to relying on often contradictory information from different cultures or written resources. During this process, you should always keep in mind that the practice of white magic is always done with conscious intent and that at least some of your queries might lead you to a consideration of the unconscious elements of the mind.


Casting White Magic Spells

Casting White Magic SpellsWhite magic spells can be valuable tools that help you set beneficial intentions that will lead to useful and productive actions. No matter whether you are stressed out about a situation or need to refocus your energies, you are sure to appreciate the way white magic spells work on your own perceptions. In fact, even if you don’t believe in magic or unseen forces, you may be surprised at all the wonderful things that happen when you put your full attention on positive objectives instead of all kinds of hurtful or negative thoughts. As may be expected, if you cast spells for yourself and others, being aware of the basic types of white magic spells will make it even easier for you to open up beneficial energies for yourself and others.


Love Spells

White love spells are, for the most part, spiritual and are meant to spread only love, peace, and harmony, apart from creating an attraction between two people by setting the Law of Attraction in motion. No matter your love situation, you will find a spell to help you sort out your situation. If you have any problems with your love life, you may be stressed and confused. However, it is important to learn to cope with the situation, clear your mind, regain your thoughts, and then cast white magic love spells or have them cast for you. You cannot be focused if you are not in the right emotional and mental state. Besides, witchcraft entails that you learn to think positively, which alone has the power to transform your love life. As long as there is no disbelief and doubt in your heart, love spells are bound to work in your favor. The more positive energy you put into a love spell, the more direction you will receive, which is one of the most rewarding aspects of witchcraft.


Fertility Spells

Aside from helping you find and maintain a healthy relationship, you can also do white magic spells to help with fertility. This includes assistance with conception as well as requests for a safe pregnancy and delivery. Throughout time, women have also used all kinds of spells to increase the likelihood of having a healthy baby. To this day, many cultures also use white magic spells and other rituals to help ensure the baby will grow into a successful and strong adult.


Abundance Spells

These spells are used mainly to attract money, as well as other things associated with wealth. For example, if you need a new car, you might cast a spell for a car or some other vehicle type. You can also use abundance spells to banish debt or any other situation that prevents you from having enough money or other tangible objects required for daily survival. While abundance spells can be very powerful, you should always take the time to make sure you are only asking for what you need since greed can easily cause unseen harm to others that will rebound on you in some way.


Health, Well Being and Happiness Spells

Aside from using these spells for good physical health, you can also use them for mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. In fact, even if you are struggling with an ethical dilemma, spells dedicated to well-being can help draw clarity as well as hidden information that will make it easier to make a good decision. As with abundance spells, you can also use health spells to banish pain, grief, and just about anything else that causes a lack of pleasure and happiness in your life.


Protection Spells

Even though you may feel that you never do anything to hurt anyone else, you are bound to find yourself in situations where you need to protect yourself. No matter whether you are concerned about gossip at work lies told by people with an agenda or even physical danger; protection spells can help deflect and prevent harm. In some cases, you can also use a protection spell to help grant victory against spirits and individuals that continue to have malevolent intentions.

Overall, you will find that white magic spells are designed to draw positive things into your life or send something harmful away. That said, before you cast these spells, you must always think carefully about their impact on others. While you may not see issues with banishing or asking for more than you need, the spirits may see it differently if you unconsciously believe that certain things must be taken away from others so that you can have more. At the very least, if you are casting a spell to facilitate receiving a service, product, or something else of value, you can think about what they will get in return and if it will be of equal value. Alternatively, you can always ask for something to be provided on your behalf if you have nothing to give.


Three Easy White Magic Spells

The rituals of white magic vary from one spell caster to another. Chants, talismans, prayers, and all others can be a part of white magic spells; even Gods and Goddesses can be called upon. Here are some examples of simple white magic spells that came from known sources:

Spell for Nature

Spell for NatureYour aim is to let a seed or a plant be blessed and when it is strong enough, take it to a field or a forest to offer it to help heal the earth. While planting it, repeat these words three times:

Gentle Goddess, mighty Earth

Take this as an offering from me.

This plant represents the blessings I shower upon the earth.

And is to be used to heal you in the vastness of time.


Spells for a Happy Home

Spell for a Happy HomeSay:

I give you the power to absorb any negative feelings in this home.

While uttering these words, hold half of an onion in your hand and visualize that the onion absorbs all the negative vibes in your home. After, throw it in the trash and say:

Be gone!

Another spell for a happy home is done by taking some powdered carpet cleaner and sprinkling it on the carpets of your house while saying:

I give you the power to soak up any negative feelings in this home.

After that, vacuum up the cleaner and empty the bag into a trash can outside your house.


Healing Spell

Spell for HealingThis is done to help someone heal from a sickness or an injury. Rub some oil in a blue candle with lavender or eucalyptus oil, then light the candle. Prepare a fireproof dish, a piece of paper with the person’s name needing the spell written on it, and an amethyst stone. After the candle is lit, hold the amethyst and say,

Amethyst of healing

Amethyst of the Light

Please heal (name) at the speed of light.

This is my will.

So Mote It Be!

This completes the spell. It is better to give the amethyst to the person. If you are the one needing the spell, carry the stone with you until you are feeling better, then bury the amethyst in your backyard. Burn the paper bearing the name and visualize that the illness or the injury is going away.


White Witches and White Magic Practitioners

There used to be a distinct difference between a “white witch” and a “dark or black witch” in that the white witch had the intent to do only good and perform benevolent magic while black witches only perform malevolent magic and witchcraft. In today’s time, it is recognized that all witches have, as their intent, the wish to do no harm to anyone as part of their witchcraft, and the lines between white and black witches have blurred so that there is just a “witch”. Nevertheless, some practitioners see themselves as white and practice witchcraft in ways that try to do good instead of harm.


What Do White Witches Do?

A white witch might do love spells, spells of protection, luck spells, or spells to bring things back to you that are lost but will not do spells of retribution or any kind of spell that is perceived as harming another person. They do rituals and cast spells that bring about good things to themselves or the people for whom the spell is done.


What Do They Believe in?

A follower of white magic generally believes in two main deities—a goddess and a god that are together the totality of the universe. The goddess is usually representative of the moon and fertility, while the god represents protection and hunting. He also represents the sun. The white practitioners believe in the phases of the moon as being important to the completion of spells. Some spells are better done during the few days before or few days after the full moon, while others are better done during a waxing moon, a waning moon, or perhaps the new moon.


Professional White Witches

Professional White WitchesWhite witches can also function as professional witches, charging money to do spells, charge talismans, or perform rituals for other people. They would have had to study for several years, perhaps under the auspices of another practitioner, to learn all the spells, copy a Book of Shadows, or similar journal of witch’s activities and spells. They would have had to learn how to charge charms, talismans, and amulets and would have had to learn about herbs and what they do. It takes many years to master the craft, and therefore most professional witches are usually older and mature.

Many white practitioners are healers and spend their time doing spells and using herbs to heal illness in customers who come to them for help. They use both their understanding of herbs and their knowledge of magic and magical powers in order to heal the person. Those who are healers often have a large supply of different herbs among their many materials and possessions.

Many witches belong to a coven or similar group of witches that together share information back and forth between them. They may have a high priestess or other “head witch,” or they may just work together cooperatively. They celebrate holidays together and do rituals together. However, there are many different paths and forms of magic and witchcraft, and there are many witches that work solitary.

When you need spiritual help with achieving a goal, you will most likely be concerned about avoiding long-term consequences. This is just one of many reasons why you might be more interested in white magic than black magic. While both systems carry risks, you will still find that white magic offers more benefits with fewer problems to worry about. That said, before you cast spells on your own or try to work with a practitioner of white magic, you should know more about their basic characteristics.


Who Practices White Magic?

Aside from Wicca covens, you will also find that some pagan and druidic orders practice white magic. Interestingly enough, those who cast hexes or various forms of black magic may also perform white magic ceremonies in order to remain in balance.   If you are interested primarily in spiritual evolution, you may also want to look to yoga or other mystical systems that place more emphasis on this type of development instead of transforming spiritual energies into the physical world for various purposes.


What Will a White Magic Practitioner  Do for You?

To begin, someone that performs rituals or uses white magic spells will start by listening to what you have to say, as well as what you want. If you want something that would violate another person’s free will or cause some type of harm, you will receive advice on alternative workings. For example, if you want to bind an unwilling person into a romantic relationship, a practitioner of white magic will not cast that type of spell. Rather, they will tell you to focus your attention on asking for the right person. Needless to say, if the person you want truly happens to be the right one, sending a sincere request will ultimately bring that person to you without the need for harmful types of spell casting.


Where to Find Practitioners of White Magic

Depending on where you live, finding practitioners of white magic may be as simple as knowing who has such a reputation in the neighborhood or among your family members. If you live in an area where all forms of magical working are suppressed, it may not be possible to find someone unless you are trusted by those who practice these arts.    In today’s world, you can also find many white magic practitioners online.


How to Become a Practitioner of White Magic

How to Become a WitchChances are, you already realize that many books and other resources are available to help you learn how to cast spells and set up an altar. While these instructions may help during the early stages, you will still need some type of guidance from someone who can work directly with you on a routine basis. If you live in an area where covens exist openly, you can seek to become a member once you are sure that you are committed to this particular path.

Even though you may know about all kinds of wonderful things in life, actually obtaining them can pose a challenge. When it comes to casting spells, you may find yourself wondering about white magic practitioners and how they work. No matter how negative or upset you may feel about any given situation, you can rest assured that a practitioner of this type of magic will help guide you out of those feelings, as well as help you find gain all the things you have wanted from life. As an added bonus, if you decide to embrace this path, you can always look forward to taking a role in shaping a positive evolutionary path for our species.

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