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Tips for Finding your Magical Path

by Wanda Green
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As you may be aware, many people in the modern world find themselves leaving the religious and spiritual traditions they were born into. This includes people in families that have worshiped the same deities for hundreds, if not thousands of years. When it comes to finding your magical path, there are many to choose from, as well as many reasons why you might choose one tradition over something different. During this process, you should keep four main things in mind.

Set Your Life Mission

Before you even consider embracing any given set of magical practices, it is very important to make sure that you know what you want in life. This includes each of the nine major areas of life as well as your overarching life goal. Whether you want to focus on raising a family, succeeding at a career goal, or taking up humanitarian activism, listening to the inner voices that guide everything you do in life is essential. Once you achieve clarity and understanding, it will be much easier to choose a spiritual tradition that will help you succeed.


Understand Your Ancestral History

Consider a situation where you were raised in a traditional religious family. Regardless of whether you are Hindu, Judeo-Christian, or Pagan, it is important to have some awareness of your ancestral biological history. At the very least, if you feel uncomfortable with your current spiritual path, learning about ancestors further back in time may be of some help. This is especially important to consider if you are thinking about embracing spiritual traditions from cultures that you are unfamiliar with. Unfortunately, if you aren’t secure in your own heritage, it will be very hard to approach another group and helpfully embrace their values and traditions.


Know Which Systems are Available

Aside from thinking about the path of your ancestor, you should also be fully aware of the different traditions that may be of use to you. Some systems include modern shamanism, Wicca, Voodoo, Obeah, Santeria, Egyptian witchcraft, paganism, and a range of revival efforts. While you may find some traditions fairly appealing, it may be challenging to become a member of any given organization. If you find yourself in this situation, at least you can learn as much as possible about the universal truths found in each system and then either create your own system or continue looking for a more established pathway.


Wicca and Witchcraft as your Magical Path

The term “witchcraft” brings to mind a distorted image of black or dark magic being performed with a cauldron of boiling liquid spurting hot drops at you, a human skull by its side, and a witch evoking sparks from her wand and such other things.

Wicca is a religion just like any other religion such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, to name a few. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that the neo-pagan religion of Wicca is a very peaceful and earth-based religion that reveres nature and considers all of nature’s creations divine, and strives to protect nature from all harm. The practitioners of the Wiccan religion are known as witches.

Magic is not the whole and sole of this religion, just a part of it. That is why not all Wiccans are witches. Even they have their set of beliefs and rituals and worship their Gods. But, for them, magic is nothing of a supernatural stature; it is a way of life.

Witchcraft is one of the most famous branches of magic and is considered a very powerful branch, but how does it compare to other forms of magic? There are many other magical branches around the world, and they each have subtly different beliefs. This article will discuss these other branches of magic and compare their similarities and differences to witchcraft.


Obeah as your Magical Path

ObeahObeah is a magical path from Central and West Africa, often associated with mysticism. It is similar to the path of Voodoo and has received several mentions in popular culture, notably as the power possessed by the female lead Solitaire in the James Bond film Live and Let Die. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, Obeah and its practices are not evil or dangerous. As with witchcraft, it can apply to practicing both white magic and black magic.

It shares many characteristics with witchcraft, including that it is traditionally connected to bringing luck and healing power. However, in a different way to witchcraft, Obeah is intrinsically linked to dark magic as the term can be used to mean a physical object used for black magic. This is a bad connotation that detracts from the image of Obeah.


Santeria as your Magical Path

SanteriaSanteria is an ancient religion of African origin, specifically Nigeria, initiated by the Yoruba tribe. For centuries, this religion of Santeria has been misunderstood and considered analogous to black magic and evil practices like indiscriminate animal sacrifices.

But the truth is far from it. Yes, Santeria is a religion in which magic plays an integral part in the beliefs, ideals, and rituals of its practitioners, a powerful role, but their magic is in no way “black” or “dark”.

And since this religion is a closed one, i.e., the practitioners do not see the need to come out into the open and justify their deeds, which further only aggravates the misconceptions in the people’s minds about the Santeria religion.


Voodoo as your Magical Path

VoodooVoodoo is often associated with the iconic black magic image of sticking pins into dolls to cause pain. But the religion is greatly misunderstood in pop culture and has so much more to offer. There are branches of Voodoo all over the world, notably in Africa, Haiti, and Louisiana, USA.

The word “Voodoo” often bears a negative connotation. This, however, is purely mythical. In the world of magic, it is one of the most complex yet highly effective magical paths. And, it is very powerful, especially with love spells. Let us familiarize ourselves with the magic of Voodoo.

Voodoo differs from Wicca in that practitioners sometimes use effigies for their spells, although these are often for good reasons and not the sadistic disciplines that popular culture conveys.


Moon Magic as your Magical Path

Moon MagicThe Moon has always been associated with magic and has enjoyed a great place in the many ancient rituals. This heavenly body has been the source of power for witches, pagans, and spell casters alike. Moon Magic is very similar to Wicca, but it focuses entirely on the moon to draw its energy instead of opening up to other sources of energy. Practitioners always develop their spells around the phases of the moon, which allows them to plan ahead in a way that witches sometimes can’t. Get to know Moon Magic and Lunar Magic and use the power of the moon to improve your life.


Egyptian Witchcraft (Heka)

Egyptian MagicEgyptian Witchcraft Magic is a type of magic associated with things in the past, future, and the afterlife. It has extraordinary powers, and Egyptian magic spells garner great success among those who practice this religion. Let us familiarize ourselves with the magic of Egyptian witchcraft, also known as Heka.

Heka is a branch of magic practiced first by the Ancient Egyptians. Heka is the Egyptian word for magic, and it involves activating the power of the soul to influence their gods for their own purposes. This is the main difference between Heka and Wicca, as the latter gains its energy from celestial bodies, herbs, crystals, and other items,  instead of gods.

As with other branches of witchcraft, the emphasis in Heka is mainly on self-beneficial spells instead of those to harm others.

DividerFind a Teacher and Community

At some point, you are bound to find a spiritual path that is appealing enough for you to be willing to make a commitment. Rather than spend all of your time with books and videos, it would be best if you made it a point to look for other people that can help you learn more about the path and all of its elements. In particular, you should try to find a teacher or leader that will help you gain access to better resources and offer advice and leadership. As important as this step is, you should never lose sight of the fact that leaders and community members are all human beings. This, in turn, means that you will always need to be aware of the role of ego and power and their impact on your life and feelings about any given spiritual path.

When it comes to important things in life, few can rival finding a spiritual path that will sustain you in time of need and enhance the best moments of your life. If you reach a point where it becomes clear that you need to pursue another path, it will be of immense benefit to learn about as many spiritual paths as possible. This includes getting to know more about community members and power structures as well as how they compare to modalities that were of interest to your ancestors.

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