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Wiccan Love Spells – Find Love the Wiccan Way

by Wanda Green
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To many people, the Wiccan belief system does not permit love spells of any shade or variety, so imagine the shock and amazement of Wiccans when they do a little research concerning Wiccan love magic and discover that there are actually ethical Wiccan spells for love!

The Wiccan tradition has a significant problem with specific types of love spells, and this is reflected in the ethos carried through all Wiccan spells. Specifically, a love spell that seeks to deliberately violate and interfere with the free will of a person (or victim, dependent on your perspective of the subject) is forbidden.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about Wicca is that it is purely white magic based on the Wiccan Rede, “An it harm none, do as thou will.” Loosely translated, this means that any forces may be called upon to help people as long as no others are harmed in the process. Wiccan love spells, therefore, are used to increase positive energies and restore passions, not to cause devastation or injure others.

Because of this prohibition, many people seem to regard Wiccan love spells as somehow priggish, unfairly punitive, and somewhat intolerant, especially when it comes to the subject of love. This level of confusion and mistaken understanding is further compounded by a gross misinterpretation of how white magic (which all Wiccan spells conform closely to) is conducted.

Wicca seeks to remove obstacles in a person’s life and alleviate suffering or negativity. A significant caveat to this is that in achieving this goal, no other person or being should ever be harmed to accomplish this objective.

Wiccan Love Spells aid people when it comes to finding a suitable partner, or better yet, their soulmate. A ritual achieves this by making the spell’s target more desirable to the potential partner. This, in turn, will increase the chances of a suitable partner who is fully compatible with the spell’s target.

Therefore, Wiccan love spells are more designed to help move things along in a gentle nudge, rather than grabbing people by the scruff of their neck and then forcing them together. The energies bring out the very best qualities of a person; they unlock a person’s latent and hidden abilities and allow people to blossom fully.


Are Wiccan Love Spells Ethical?

Ethics of Wiccan Love SpellsAs a Wiccan, you may be wondering whether or not it is ethical to cast love spells. It is actually an excellent sign that you care enough to think about this. There are love spells that are not manipulative and not based on artifice or anything misleading. These are the spells you want to cast because they are perfectly ethical in their nature. They invite love into life; the more precisely the needs and wants are understood, the better they can function.

To cast an ethical love spell, ask yourself a few questions:  Are you sure about the type of spell you are performing? Are you sure that you will still want the results later? This is most applicable in the case of a love binding spell or for a marriage or ‘permanent’ relationship spell. Another way to keep your love spells ethical is to make explicit and implicit reference to the true will – or Higher Power or Inner Divinity of everyone involved with the spell, all who will be affected.

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How to Wiccan Love Spells Work?

Wiccan love magic calls on the potency of the universal force of the universe, earth, and all that they contain. The religion recognizes the powerful energy in the four elements of earth, air, fire, water, and the universal spirit in everyone and everything around us. Witches who follow the Wiccan tradition use all of these forces in some combination to cast incredibly effective love spells to help themselves and others in their daily lives. Practitioners of Wicca magic have studied for years to fully understand the powerful force in symbolism, herbalism, spell-casting techniques, the phases of the moon, and the creation of oils, talismans, and charms. It is perhaps one of the most complex and compelling parts of practicing Wicca.


How to Cast Wiccan Love Spells

Always keep in mind selecting the right ingredients enhances the quality and strength of your spells. Certain ingredients such as candles, incense, herbs, crystals, and other items are used during spell casting. Candle magic is used to focus the energy and meditation of the practitioner, with different colors of candles representing different results. Crystals may also be used; indeed, each of the many crystals used in love spells has particular energy within it. That’s why you should not substitute any ingredients in a spell when you are not entirely familiar with the magical properties of components. All the ingredients work in concert to produce the outcome you desire.

Every herb, plant, candle color, crystal, and component has different magical properties, and that’s why they have to be selected carefully. Wiccans pay much attention to their spells’ timing and consider days, moon phases, seasons, planetary influences, among many other things. Respect for the natural seasons and days of nature are what make Wiccan love spells so incredibly potent. We have written an article explaining how a Spell is cast; please click here to read it.

Because Wicca is a complex system of honoring the elements of the universe, acknowledging nature’s cycles, and recognizing the duality of nature and the God/Goddess, very few people are genuinely effective at casting spells. However, those who are can bring about enormous change in your life. There is a rule of Wicca that says that whatever you do (in casting a spell) will come back to you threefold. This is why most practitioners are so happy to help bring happiness and joy to others.

Each time they reunite lovers or bring a new-found romance to someone, that energy and love are returned to the spell caster by the universe three times as strong. You can look forward to a wonderful new beginning, knowing that the most potent forces of the God and Goddess and all of the elements of nature are being invoked for you by caring Wicca practitioners who understand that as they give, so shall they receive.


Wiccan True Love Spell

Wiccan True Love SpellFor this Wiccan love spell to find true love to be effective, you must first be open to love; otherwise, no magic can work for you. We often turn to spells as a last resort or try our luck after being in and out of relationships and carrying a broken heart. All our bitter experiences may have forced us to close the doors to love. The positive aspect of this spell is that it will clear your love path from all that negative experience and will open you to love and prepare you for your true love.

Wicca relies upon a complicated but powerful interweaving of both natural and supernatural forces for its effectiveness. The cycles of the moon and the turning of the seasons, signified by the “Wheel of the Year,” are integral to the practice of Wicca. The Wheel of the Year is symbolically represented by a wheel with eight spokes, and all Wiccan holidays are observed at the appropriate season, or section, of this wheel.

Things You’ll need for the Wiccan True Love Spell

  • Pink Candle
  • Athame, Pin, or Knife
  • Vanilla Oil
  • 1/2 cup Ground Lady’s Mantle Herb
  • One tbsp Rue or ground Juniper
  • Best time to cast the spell: Waxing Moon Phase

How to Cast the Spell

Begin the ritual by casting your circle and mixing the herbs. Next, take the Athame or Pin and carve your name three times into the candle. The first time is for self-love. While inscribing the candle, envision yourself happy and feeling good and secure. The second time is for the love you want to give. While you carve your name the second time, visualize yourself happy in love with another person. The third time is for the love you want to receive. While inscribing the candle with your name for the third time, think about being loved and admired and how happy it will make you.

Next, continue to visualize how happy you will be and anoint the candle with the Vanilla oil. Put all your energy into this step; you are charging the candle with your desire to find true love. Feel all the emotions and channel them into the candle.

Now roll the candle in the herb mixture. Make sure some of it sticks to the candle. Keep any leftovers; you can later sprinkle some into the flame or add it to the base of the candle.

Light the candle and do so consciously.

Chant the following three times:

With the power of fire, grant my heart’s desire.

Through the power of the flame, my true love finally came.

With the power of fire, grant my heart’s desire.

Through the power of the flame, my true love finally came.

So mote it be.

Let the candle burn for one hour, and then snuff it out. Repeat the last step by lighting the candle and chanting the love chant three times over the next six days. On the last day, let the candle burn out to completion.


Wiccan Marriage Spell

Wiccan Marriage SpellA good marriage requires commitment and dedication from both partners. It needs good communication and a balanced relationship with both partners sharing responsibilities equally. By removing negative energies, blockages, and relationship problems, this spell can be used to achieve a good marriage or a committed relationship. If both partners are Wiccan, they should both work the spell together. The best time to cast this spell is Friday, during a full or waxing moon. If you are in need of a more forceful marriage spell, you can find it here.

Marriage Spell Ingredients

  • Pink candle
  • Blue candle
  • Symbol of your marriage (wedding ring, wedding picture, or picture of you two together)
  • Cardamom essential oil

How to Cast the Wiccan Marriage Spell

Cast your circle and invite the quarters. You may also call on Hera, the goddess of marriage.

Anoint the candles with the essential oil rubbing from the center to the ends.

Light the candle and place it on the altar along with your marriage symbol.

Imagine yourself and your partner in fun, loving circumstances if you are working alone. If the two of you are working together, take this time to communicate your wants and needs and discuss your plans for the future.

When you are ready, repeat the chant; if working together, the two of you should take turns repeating alternating lines:

God and Goddess

As you are joined with each other

So I am joined with ____________(NAME)

In faith and hope and love

Help us to work together

Toward a happy, healthy relationship

Balanced and equal

In work and compromise and love

Let our union be harmonious

Productive, caring and filled with joy

And let us overcome life’s difficulties

With cooperation, communication and love

God and Goddess

Watch over this union

And let it grow stronger every day

With passion and joy and love

So mote it be.

Snuff out the candles and close the circle.


Wiccan Spell to Keep a Lover Faithful

Wiccan Faithfulness SpellAmong the oldest Wiccan traditions are Moon magic love spells. Moon magic was associated with women, witchcraft, and fertility in ancient times. These are, however, prevalent today, especially when it comes to Spells to Keep a Lover Faithful.

The energies released by this powerful spell will prevent your partner from straying and cheating. Even if your partner has never talked about cheating and says they never will, faithfulness spells can help to ensure that this is the case for the rest of your relationship together. Faithfulness doesn’t have to be just a promise you make. It can be a spell you cast together or alone.

Ingredients for the Spell to Keep a Lover Faithful

  • White Candle
  • Black Candle
  • Blue Candle
  • Pink Candle
  • Nail
  • Moonstone
  • Chrysocolla
  • Pyrite
  • Frangipani Oil
  • Pine Incense
  • Best Time: Full Moon

How to Cast the Spell to Keep a Lover Faithful

Take the pin and carve two hearts into the white candle. You will need to carve your lover’s initials into one heart and your initials in the other one. Then, cleanse and consecrate the candles, and anoint them with the frangipani oil.

Set up your altar in the following fashion:

Faithful Spell DiagramArrange the candles on the altar. Put the white candle next to the blue candle and the pink candle next to the white candle. Place the black candle behind the white candle. The Moonstone goes next to the blue candle, the Chrysocolla goes in front of the white candle, and the Pyrite goes next to the pink candle.

Sit in front of your altar and chant the following chant 13 times:

You and I forever one

Our love has always won

Protected for eternity

With commitment and fidelity

You will never ever stray

On my side you stay

Then let the candles burn out.

How this Wiccan Spell can Help You

Using Wiccan Love Spells to keep a lover faithful is not bad. When you are deeply in love with a person, you do not want them to be stray. Though they might be tempted (and all people are at some point), they will not go through with their plans as they will realize just how wonderful you are and how they should stay with you.

Of course, this Wiccan spell will only work on a willing partner. You cannot force someone to remain faithful to you if they truly do not wish to do so. What this spell can do is remove any negativity or mental blocks that may be preventing you and your partner from experiencing a faithful, committed relationship. If the desire for commitment and fidelity is present within your partner’s heart and mind, you can use this spell to bring this awareness to light.


A Spirit of Love Spell

Spirit of Love SpellThis love spell needs a foot of red yarn, a half-ounce of dried rose petals, a small envelope, and a coin. In the small envelope, write the name of the potential lover. Apply the coin and rose petals to the inner side of the envelope chant the lover’s name four times to the four directions (north, south, east, and west). Seal the coin in the envelope and tie the foot of the red yard around the envelope. Take the envelope and place it in a favorite place while meditating on these words:

Come to me my loved one,

Be on your way,

Come to me my loved one,

Be on your way,

Come to me my loved one.

Be on your way,

Do this for thirty minutes and every day for two weeks.


A Wave of Love Spell

Wave of Love SpellThis love spell needs a pink candle. two cups of milk; it does not matter which kind. Twenty dark red rose petals have to be dried for a week. A silver coin that has been cleansed with the five elements, making sure that water is the last element. Take a bath on a Friday during the waxing moon phase.

Light the candle. Draw a bath and add two cups of milk right before you step into the warm water. Toss the silver coin at the feet of the bathtub. Next, toss the petals in one by one while meditating on the “attractive qualities” of the target. Then repeat the following chant 13 times.

Come to me my true love,

let us ride the wave of blessings,

come to me my true love,

let our love blossom like a rose


Understanding Wiccan Love Spells

Wicca as a religion was born into the 20th century. It is based on European and Celtic Pagan religions,  centered on the elements of air, fire, water, and earth, with spirit being the fifth unknown element.

The easily understood premise is that each of the four elements has its own properties. All must be in balance for an environment to function harmoniously. There is a ‘fifth element’ which is unknown and unknowable that governs all referred to as ‘Spirit.’

Practitioners of Wicca are never allowed to cast spells meant to harm anyone. They believe in the ‘Law of Three,’ which means that whatever harm you intend for another person will only come back to your threefold. You need to be extremely cautious when using Wiccan love spells. Any lack of genuineness can only have a negative effect.

You can combine numerous Wiccan rituals when casting love spells. Anyone can learn to perform these spells by adhering to the Wiccan Rede. You can use these spells to attract someone you desire, regain lost love, find a new lover, enhance the prospects of marriage, resolve conflicts in a relationship, enhance libido in both partners, and even increase chances of fertility. The power of Wicca magic is boundless when it is done for good purposes.

There are variations on Wicca. Some adhere to rigid sets of rules; others do not. Some practice magic; others do not. Whereas initially, the Wiccan deity encompassed both male and female, some traditions only recognize a female. A common code of ethics calls for the practice of mirth, reverence, honor, humility, strength, beauty, power, and compassion.


The Wiccan Code of Ethics

Wiccan Code of EthicsMirth – Being happy! Certainly, the energy of happiness complements any love relationship. Why would we want to be in love if it wasn’t fun?

Reverence – To revere one another in love. It goes beyond respect. It recognizes the divinity in each human being and acknowledges it in your love partner.

Honor – to honor the lover’s individuality, their opinions (even while not necessarily sharing them), their creative expression, and their preferences make for a lasting, joyful relationship.

Humility – in a team of two, it won’t do always to try to have the upper hand or insist on everything being done one’s way. To say “I’m sorry” and admit a mistake is a most powerful balm for wounded feelings and glue for a cracked vase to hold the flowers of love.

Strength – consider the relationship as a bridge. A bridge depends on TWO pillars to hold it up. If either pillar is too weak, the bridge collapses. To carry one’s own weight, to put forth an honest effort, that is strength in love.

Beauty –  How often misunderstood by the media pushing impossible ‘ideals’! Beauty is not a full head of hair, a wasp-like waist, or a face without wrinkles. Beauty is in the light of the eyes, the warmth of the smile, and the way you take care of and carry your body – without trying to alter its original structure. Beauty may be adorned, but adornments will not create beauty.

Power – are we talking about superman or superwoman here? No. Extraordinary power flows through ordinary people in their patience, persistence, and intent.

Compassion – it really just means: love thy neighbor (wife, husband, lover, friend, and stranger) as you love yourself.

Wiccan magic uses the elements, along with herbs, incense, and other magical implements, to cast powerful love spells – always guided by spirit for the right intent and purity of purpose. The Wiccan, who is adept in practicing magic, uses these tools to weave a magic carpet – a red carpet leading to your heart’s desire.

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