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How to Make and Charge a Talisman – Easy Step by Step Instructions

by Estrid Peterson
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When performing magic or entering higher states of consciousness, it can sometimes be challenging to focus on the job of actually harnessing those energies and binding them into the physical world. Constructing charms and talismans can be a fun way to channel these energies creatively and tangibly useful. Aside from helping you stay focused on your goal, good luck charms can also store energy for usage during times when you aren’t interested in casting spells or don’t feel inclined to work with moving energies. As a bonus, good luck charms are a perfect way to send energy to those who need it but aren’t as skillful at manipulating energy as you are.

While traditional spells are helpful, you might want to have something tangible to remind you of your intentions and of the energy you want to have in your life. By learning how to charge a talisman, you can begin to infuse items with such energy and carry them with you whenever you want.


What is a Talisman?

A talisman is a trinket, amulet, or piece of jewelry used to protect or to draw love, health, money, and prosperity to you. Considered sacred when charged with the power of the waxing moon, talismans become magical tools that generate positive energies that attract what you have charged it for. From the Greek word teleo, talisman has its roots in the word “consecrate,” which means charged. Depending on the purpose for which the talisman is made and charged, it has a corresponding amount of energy that it could even lend in spell work, rituals, and magic ceremonies.


Choosing a Symbol

If you visit a metaphysical store or even a jewelry store, you are bound to find all kinds of pendants, brooches, and rings that include magical symbols. This includes everything from crosses and triskelions to lucky knots and eye motifs. When creating a good luck charm, it will be of some help to think about symbols that carry the meaning closest to your goal. For example, if you are looking for a lucky charm to help with love matters, double hearts or some other symbol might be ideal to start with.


Finding Materials

Once you have a symbol in mind, you will need to find a pre-fabricated version of it or make one for yourself. While some people may feel comfortable buying a pendant, others may want to make one from paper, wood, beads, or any other material that has a magical feel. You should always rely on personal intuition. As may be expected, if you cannot create complex shapes on your own, you can still print out appealing designs and then make them into talismans with wood, cardboard, or even some type of metal backing.


Calling the Spirits

Over time, many people reach a point where they grow surprised by the fact that simple, unadorned objects seem to carry far more power than fancy objects. Perhaps it can best be said that a charm made of a simple cloth or even paper will be far more potent than a fancy stone if the former is imbued with the appropriate spirit, purpose, or energy. Therefore, when it comes to making lucky charms, you should always be very aware of how you felt while preparing, charging, and activating the charm.


Advanced Charms and Talismans

Depending on your interests and preferences, you may want to make charms that will be useful for multiple functions. Invariably, the more complicated your perceived goals, the more time you will spend preparing the charm. If you are going to conduct several rituals, you should not wear or carry the charm as a matter of routine until all the workings are completed. This will help create a continual buildup of positive energy and reduce the chances of negative thoughts undoing all your hard work. Needless to say, you should never touch or work on a charm or talisman unless you are in a positive frame of mind.

Even though witchcraft has many enjoyable aspects, few activities can rival the sense of wonder and delight associated with creating good luck charms. Whether you make them for yourself or others, drawing energy for tangible good into objects will always be something that provides a bright spot in your workings. At the very least, if you are looking for something new to try, want to hone your skills, or need gift ideas, creating good luck charms can be an ideal project for you.


The Charging Process of a Talisman

Process of Charging a TalismanCharging a talisman is a very detailed ritual that you need to time correctly. That’s why you must create the talisman at a time that corresponds with your wishes and goals. Please refer to our Spell Timing article to find the best time. By connecting it with the universal forces, your talisman has more potency to make your wishes come true.

What you will need to charge the Talisman

You will need a candle in the color that symbolizes your desire; for example, a pink candle of your intent is to attract love. In addition, you also need a stick of incense, again, in a scent corresponding to what you desire to attract. You have to have a glass of water, a white cloth on a table, and a pinch of salt.

How to Charge the Talisman

In a quiet room, put your candle in the center of the table draped with the white cloth. Light the candle and the stick of incense. Place the glass of water, the salt, and the talisman on the table in front of the candle. Close your eyes and meditate on what you want your talisman to achieve for you. Visualize every detail of your wish, be specific, see the wish coming to fruition. For example, if your talisman is for attracting love, see that you’re becoming open to love in your mind’s eye. Visualize how you become more attractive, get a worthy person’s attention, and be in a loving relationship.

Sprinkle the salt slowly into the glass of water and imagine the water being filled with a golden light. Say that the salt is consecrating the water and that whatever it touches be blessed with light. Sprinkle a drop of water onto the talisman. While doing so, say out loud:

Whit this sacred water I consecrate the Talisman and charge it with [enter purpose].

Pass the talisman through the smoke of the incense and say:

With the burning incense I cleanse the talisman and charge it with [enter purpose].

Lastly, pass the talisman through the flame of the candle and say:

With the sacred flame I purify the talisman and charge it with [enter purpose].

Final Steps

Hold the talisman with your right hand and imagine a ball of white light radiating in all directions. With your energy focused on this ball, imagine the white light pouring over your head and flowing down your whole body. You are strengthened by this light and see a golden light move from your body to your talisman. Visualize the scenario of your talisman working its magic and making your wish come true.

Your talisman has now been charged and is ready for use.


Making a Good Luck Charm Talisman

Good Luck CharmLuck is the chance happening of events in an individual’s life. All of us know that we are here on earth to experience a plethora of events, both bad and good. And the definition of this bad and good is obviously intangible. Hence, what is bad for one might be good for the others. We as an individual might never realize how these seemingly unfortunate events in our lives make us stronger as individuals. Personal luck is generally the desired aim for humans regardless of their power, wealth, and status in society. If you are amongst the ones, who lack health or wealth and eagerly hope to get it back soon, then this kind of luck charm is best for you. You can direct your future slightly more by pushing forth your intentions by using this magical charging ceremony.

Ingredients needed for the Luck Charm

  • Red Jasper Stone
  • Citrine Stone
  • A meaningful Bead or an Object (preferably one that can be put on a string/necklace)
  • 1 Green Candle
  • 1 Blue Candle
  • 1 Orange Candle
  • Hemp String

How to Charge the Lucky Charm Talisman

Do so at midnight, completely alone.

Before beginning the ritual, wash your object in absolutely fresh-natural water from a stream, lake, river, or bottled spring water. Visualize washing off any negativity that may still be on the object.

Cast your circle and place the (3) candles in a triangle-like fashion, then place the stones in the middle of the candles and place the string and bead (object) in between the stones.

Lucky Charm Diagram

Now focus all of your energy into the circle, sending good thoughts and happiness into them. Think of happy memories of when you were lucky, or something good happened to you. Visualize that this positive energy being sent into the circle is a green light. See it going directly into the bead, see it and the string glow, and bask in this light. Let the candles burn out completely, letting it all sit until the flames extinguish.

When they burn out, take the bead and necklace in your hands, while focusing hard on the energy, say the following:

I command now in the candle light

I make you my magic bead

Now Luck will sprout much like a seed

Luckiness to me will be free

As I say so mote it be.

Place the string through the bead and once more say “So Mote it Be”, then place it around your neck. Please do not take it off except when you sleep, and when sleeping, keep it under your pillow.


Talisman for Luck, Success, and Fortune

Talisman for Luck, Success and Fortune

This ritual charges a talisman for good fortune, luck, and success. Powerful spirits are called upon to charge the talisman during the waxing moon. If you require good luck, success, and fortune in your life, then this talisman charging ritual is your calling. Your energy link gets encircled with positive energies and forces required for you to be successful. If you came to realize that you are not moving forward in life as others do, then your luck path may be blocked, and especially then, a luck charm ritual will work wonders for you to turn things around. It will also remove bad luck from your life and ensure that it won’t return.

Personal luck, success, and fortune is generally the desired aim for any human regardless of their power, wealth, and status in society. Hence, if you are amongst the ones that lack good luck and good fortune and eagerly hope to get it back soon, this kind of spell is best for you.

Materials for the Luck Talisman

  • Piece of green cloth about 4” x 4”
  • Tourmaline Stone
  • Seven star anise seeds
  • Purple or neutral-colored string or yarn

How to charge the Luck Talisman

Prepare yourself according to our instructions during a waxing moon.

Lay out the cloth on a flat surface.

Place the Tourmaline in the middle of it.

Then place the star anise seeds around it, one by one.

For each star anise seed that you place around the Tourmaline, recite one line of the following:

One for luck, two for money, three for favor, and four for honey. Five for old, and six for new, seven brings success in all that I do.

With the 7 star anise seeds and the Tourmaline stone still in the cloth, pull the corners of the fabric together and tie with the string or yarn.

Make sure that all of the edges are tied up and secure so that nothing can fall out.

Carry the pouch with you at all times for better luck.


Making a Money Charm

Money CharmMany people have benefited from money charms and talismans that may manifest in various forms. For example, it may result in a better job, an unexpected inheritance, or even lottery winnings. These money charms are infused with energies directed at a particular target and have the power to work quickly. Contrary to popular belief, money charms are not harmful since no negative or evil energy is used to create the charms. Money that is to be used in the right way also attracts good karma. This charm works by redirecting energies in the right places to boost your finances.

What you will need for the Money Charm

  • Meaningful object
  • Two green candles
  • Two orange candles
  • Two violet candles
  • Piece of green cloth
  • Three silver coins
  • Garnet stone
  • Aventurine stone
  • Jade
  • Acacia herb
  • Blackberry
  • Cinquefoil herb
  • Silver thread and golden thread
  • Dragons Blood Incense

How to Create the Money Charm

Do so on the First day of a New Moon

Cast your circle, calling the four elements and visualizing the protective circle. Set your candles up around the circle. Light your candles.

Money Charm Diagram

Take the (3) coins in your hand and focus on the wealth you wish to acquire, visualizing all of the riches you want to have. Breathe on the silver, take a deep breath, and on the exhale, say:

Spirits of the Air I say, Bring some money my way

Now place the coins on the cloth along with your meaningful object, the (3) crystals, and the herbs. Leave them sitting in the circle between the candles. Let the candles burn out completely.

Now fold up the cloth creating a bag. Tie knots in the ends. Take the two pieces of thread and tie and braid them together and use the now one thread to tie the cloth-made bag.

Take the bag and bury it by a tree for (8) days. After the eighth day, dig it up and remove the object, keeping it with you always while keeping the bag in your room. At night place the object back in the bag.


Faithfulness Charm

Faithfulness CharmThe grass is always greener on the other side, or so we’ve been led to believe. Whether this is true or not, people in relationships can quite easily find themselves looking at others when their love isn’t completely committed. When they think their partner isn’t truly devoted to them, why not look outside to find someone else who might be? With a Faithfulness Charm to protect a partner from cheating, you will begin to change the level of commitment you have. You will shift the energy from ‘right now’ to longer-term energy. You will call in the energy of commitment, and you will dispel any thoughts of temptation as you continue to be committed to each other. Your partner will not look outside the relationship for more as they will already have what they need from you.

Materials needed for the Faithfulness Charm

  • Small drawstring pouch in a dark color
  • Licorice herb
  • Dried and ground unicorn root
  • A handful of marigolds
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Dried cumin
  • Personal item (optional)

How to Prepare the Faithfulness Charm

Place all items in the pouch. You may add a personal item that symbolizes you or your relationship, such as a photo, an item your lover has given you, etc.

Place the pouch under the lover’s pillow or mattress, and they will remain faithful.

How the Faithfulness Charm works

This faithfulness charm is designed to help protect your relationship from those who wish to harm it. Your partner will not be tempted by anyone else, as this spell guarantees their fidelity and their commitment to you. With the magical energies of this faithfulness charm, you will find you are drawn closer and closer to your partner, helping you to feel ever more connected and stable in your partnership. Love is what these spells support – and your love is worth the effort and the magic you bring to it.


How to Use your Charged Talisman

You can either wear your talisman or hide it in your bedroom. You can also keep them in a leather pouch and wear or carry it in your pocket. On the days you do not want to use it, keep it in a wooden box and set it on your altar. The use of a talisman is recommended by many witches and is most often used as a form of protection. It’s also the perfect gift for the people you love. Using the power of a talisman can help you in your day-to-day living.

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