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How to Make a Love Potion

by Cassandra McCord
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As with many other stereotypes about witchcraft, you are bound to find all kinds of references to potions. Perhaps it can best be said that if we looked at modern medications in the same way we look at various brews created by witches, we would be more inclined to be respectful of their side effects and long-term consequences. While love potions form a powerful and tangible aspect of witchcraft, you should always be careful about creating and using them on yourself and for other people. At the very least, you should refrain from consuming potions until you fully understand both the magical and purely chemical effects of each ingredient before working with them. Fortunately, this information is readily available online and can easily be written into a grimoire.

DividerWhat are Potions?

Overall, you can view potions as combinations of herbs and other ingredients designed to bring about mental or physical changes after consumption. For example, if you tend to feel nervous or anxious, you might want to make a potion that includes herbs beneficial for treating these disorders. Before you create a potion with stones or herbs, you should always ensure a safe and tested recipe to work with. Since the ingredients in potions are often boiled to increase concentrations of certain compounds, you should always make sure that they won’t conflict with medications you may be taking or allergies you may have.


Ethical Use of Love Potions

If you use love potions to solve love problems for yourself and others, you will most likely feel confident that there are no ethical issues to consider. On the other hand, the whole arena of returning a lost lover, or making someone fall in love with you will make you wonder if it is ethical to use potions. Under these circumstances, you may find times when you realize that it is not in the best interest to use a love potion and that the relationship has run its natural course and ended for good. You always need to evaluate this on a case-by-case basis, but why do you want to prolong an unhappy relationship when you can attract a new and happy one instead. When using love potions or love spells, you always need to consider the ethical aspects.


Choosing Ingredients for Love Potions

When choosing ingredients for love potions that will be consumed or absorbed through the skin, you should always look for tested recipes with proven efficacy. In most cases, you will gain this information via our coven or the coven you belong to. While the internet can provide you with a lot of information, it may or may not be accurate enough to trust.

Aside from this, you should always use good-quality herbs that have been gathered at the right time. If you use stones in potions, you should be very careful to avoid ones with cracks or anything else that might allow poisons to leach out. For example, even a lithium quartz point can have toxic impurities within the crystal that will be released upon exposure to heat.

Once you begin working with potions, they will find many avenues to attract love for yourself and others. As you prepare them during rituals, you are bound to uncover many insights and enjoy all the wonders associated with securing the blessings of various deities. That said, before you begin dispensing potions or consuming them, you should always be aware of the fundamental laws of chemistry and the properties of each compound that you will be working with. In addition, you should never fail to consider the ethical aspects of working with love potions regardless of how you may see the situation at the purely tangible levels.


Instruction for an Easy Love Potion

This magical potion is a liquid that can be used along with a spell or alone to affect the person you love with powerful romantic energies. Our love potion is made with various substances that together have magical powers when inhaled or consumed. The love potion is used to enhance sexual desire and help your partner feel the same emotions that you do. Use it to create a more heightened sense of romance while also helping to spark interest, love, attraction, and desire. Apply the potion to your skin or sprinkle some of it onto your lover’s food or into their drink.

Ingredients needed for the Love Potion

  • Strainer/ Cheesecloth
  • Large Cooking Pot
  • Large Pot
  • Glass Bottle
  • Stopper Lid
  • 9 Ginseng Roots
  • 9 Apple Seeds
  • 9 Drops of Apple Juice
  • 9 Basil Leaves
  • 9 Drops of Strawberry Juice
  • 9 Drops of Vanilla Extract
  • 9 Cloves
  • 9 Rose Petals
  • 9 oz Red Wine
  • 9 Pink Candles
  • Jasmine Incense

How to Prepare the Love Potion

Cast your circle around the cooking area that you will be standing in. Take the salt and circle the working area. Once you have drawn the magic circle, take the candles and rotate them around the area as well. Next, light your candles and your incense.

Place the cooking pot on a heat source such as a stove oven and pour the wine in the pot. Follow by adding all of the other ingredients in as well. Turn the stove on medium to low heat and stir the mixture together.

Say the Following:

Let the one who drinks this wine

Shower me with love divine

Love potion number 9

Let their love be forever mine

You must bring the mixture to a boil, letting it simmer. Once it has, you need to let it cook for nine more minutes and then take it off the stove. While the mixture is cooling, say the names of the following love Goddesses; Inanna, Freya, Hator, Arianrhod, Venus, Astarte, Aphrodite, and Nephthys. Then take the pot and strain the mixture into another large pot. This will remove the chunks of ingredients. You can use the cheesecloth to strain anything you missed. Now funnel the mixture into the glass bottle and put the stopper lid on it, sealing it off. Place the bottle in the fridge until you want to serve it to your desired loved one.

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