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The Importance of Secrecy in Witchcraft

by Wanda Green
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Spells done in secret have a great deal more chance of success than spells done with the knowledge of others.  If you cast a spell for yourself and by yourself, you should tell no one about the casting if you want the spell to be successful.  This means you don’t tell your lover, your mother, or anyone else in your circle of family and friends.  You keep the contents of the spell and the fact that you have performed the ritual at all a complete secret.  This can be difficult to do, especially when you are proud of your accomplishments, but it is necessary to protect the integrity of the spell work.

DividerWhy it is Important to keep your Magic a Secret

If you do a ritual for another individual, you can tell the individual you have cast their spell but should keep the details of the ritual to yourself.  Magic rituals are powerful creations, so telling the contents of the ritual could put it in the wrong hands where it can be misused.  Either memorize your rituals or write them down in your Book of Shadows that you keep close to you and don’t share with anyone.  A Book of Shadows is a collection of rituals and spells made by a witch or wizard to keep them all in one place and make notes on their success and failure.  You can buy Book of Shadows or use the free spells that we offer you free of charge on iLoveSpells; we even teach you how to write your own.


Protecting the Energies of the Magic

Keeping your magic secret locks in the energies involved in doing the ritual.  If you tell people about it, you dilute the magic, and you run the chance that the spell will be unsuccessful. Diluting out the magic of the spell can happen if you tell someone you will perform a ritual, if you talk about the ritual around the time you are doing it and if you are waiting for the spell to come to fruition.

The time to talk about your work and reduce its secrecy is usually when your spell comes to fruition. This can involve months of waiting and trying to keep your magic a secret.  This is when you must turn inward and recognize the danger of spilling the secrets about the magic you are working.  You don’t want to go through the effort of doing a ritual only to blow it by diluting out the magic and perhaps angering the deities afterward, do you?


Enhance the Potency of the Spell through Secrecy

It isn’t easy to keep a spell secret, especially if it is a ritual that has worked well for you in the past.  Divulging the spell’s intent and its contents can be something you just can’t resist doing, but it is important to keep the power of the magic at its undiluted state.  Secretive rituals do a great deal more magic than rituals that just about anyone can do.  You will be rewarded for your secrecy and retain the spell’s power for a long time to come.

DividerOld Witchcraft Secrets in Covens

Old Witchcraft SecretsThere are other reasons why it is best to keep your magical work a secret. Keep in mind that old witchcraft secrets exist in various spiritual practices, religions, and covens, and many practitioners are sworn to secrecy to protect them.


Family Secrets

Sometimes secrets may relate to a particular religion, such as Voodoo, Obeah, or Santeria. These secrets are usually related to passing down magical practices to a younger member of a family. Elder members of the religion pass on these secrets to their children, either by private diaries or orally. These folk magic religions are riddled with family secrets because some practices are handed down from family members to family members only. The secrets may include spells, potions, rituals, or other trademark signature practices.


Protection of Self and the Coven

Another reason for keeping secrets is the possibility of the magic work being turned against the originator. This may not apply to those practitioners of magic who use the spiritual realm to help themselves and better their lives. It applies to Covens and Magical Societies, which work extremely potent magic to advance their own agendas. There are many rivalries, and the slightest mistake will be taken advantage of by the opposing party. That’s also the reason why these covens and societies are only found by word of mouth. They operate in complete secrecy. Sometimes a particular “practice” requires secrecy due to the nature of its form. Black magic is one of these secret practices kept out of the limelight for very long and will most likely remain that way.


Religious Oaths and Deity Oaths

Some secrets are required by the deities or religious practice. Religious oaths differ from the deities for the reason that religions are manmade. An oath to a deity is that the deity oaths are more “sacred” than one made from man to man. Religious secrets have been comprised over the centuries because the price of man can be bought with coins or torture; torture has been used throughout history to extract secret magical knowledge. The oath made to a deity, however, has many dire consequences if broken by the practitioner. There is no way you can escape the consequences.


Personal Secrets

Some secrets are personal to the spellcaster or practitioner. It is a common “practice” is to keep a casted spell secret from everyone. Not only needs the work to be protected, as explained at the beginning of this article, but the practitioner may want to protect their own secret knowledge. This applies to certain items, spell composition, casting techniques, or knowledge of certain ingredients. Some practitioners do not want certain information about their practice to be known to the world. They may have competition or enemies that could pervert their methods for ill gains. These private secrets have come about research and development in the practice of witchcraft. Some methods are completely experimental and could bring harm or be an embarrassment to the spellcaster.


Fear of Persecution

The practice of witchcraft had to be kept secret throughout the ages. There had been persecution, burnings, and hangings because of disinformation that had been spread through lies and prejudice. Some witches fled Europe to other countries in the world. Witchcraft prosecution still exists in today’s world, and so the practice is still kept secret in certain countries. Still, up to this day, witchcraft is prohibited by certain countries, governments, and religious leaders.

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