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Witchcraft Love Spells for True Love

by Cassandra McCord
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Because everyone wants to fall in love and stay in love, it makes sense that people want to find rituals to help attract the energy of love. Witchcraft Love spells are some of the most popular love spells requested and used in the world. Witchcraft spells have been around for a very long time, helping connect people to their loves while also helping to create a love that lasts for a lifetime – and maybe beyond this life as well. Learning more about witchcraft love spells will help you determine whether these spells are the best choice for your particular needs.

The History of Witchcraft

Witchcraft’s history is not as straightforward as you might think. Witchcraft began as far back as history was recorded, yet some feel it didn’t start until the modern age. What is known to be true is that people have documented the presence of magic since the dawn of time. There have been men and women who used potions and energy to change the events around them. While the spells were not always successful, magic has been used time and time again to create particular results. Witches have been described in history as medicine women, the healers, and those women who were wise in the community. This is not to say that men were not witches, but history tends to describe witches as feminine.

The Intent of Witchcraft

If you were to ask ten witches what the intent of witchcraft is, you might get ten very different answers. To break down the word, ‘witch’ is derived from ‘wicce,’ that some people have defined as wisdom or the bending and shifting of will. No matter how people define the word, witchcraft’s primary intent is to find ways to connect with the world’s energies to produce change. This change might come in the form of life changes or subtle energy shifts in space. A witch harnesses their intention and their will to change consciousness and form. In being able to connect with the energies of the world, a witch can tap into an endless supply of energy and change, allowing her to help others as well as herself. If you are interested in this subject, please read this article, it explains this in a more detailed way.


How Witchcraft Love Spells Work

Love is an energy we all need in our lives. With witchcraft love spells, you can begin to access this energy on a deeper level, connecting to the endless supply in the universe. Then, you can use that energy and direct it towards your problems and wishes. Witchcraft helps you tap into the powers around you and enable you to shift and bend consciousness. In doing this, you will be able to improve your love life.

Witchcraft Love spells work on many different levels and can resolve the most common relationship problems you may be facing. They harness the energies of thoughts and actions and the power of natural elements that can stimulate the senses of a targeted person. But, do not consider this to be manipulation of any sort. It is not. These love spells cannot plant any new or alien feelings into anyone’s mind. Magic only works to intensify the feelings within a person who already harbors them. Most often, a person is in a state of denial, does not realize or understand the feelings, or it could be that those feelings are suppressed due to negative forces and influences.

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What Witchcraft Love Spells can Do for You

The most requested of witchcraft rituals are witchcraft love spells. They can vary from being simple to very complex and elaborate. In most cases, they require components like the color pink to draw love and require tools like candles and maybe even charms or amulets. With every stage of love, witchcraft love spells can be used to attract love, get the attention of someone who is loved, and make the seeker more attractive and open to love. That is the essential point actually; a person not open to love would not be able to find love.

These spells take those barriers to love away. If love is already found, witchcraft love spells can bring a couple closer, bind love and make it stronger. It can even go so far as keeping the lovers faithful and having eyes only for each other. If love is lost, witchcraft love spells can be cast to bring a lover back. You may want to enhance your love life, or you might want to remove people who are actively seeking to harm your partnership.

Care must be taken in what is sought for, though, because witchcraft spells do work, and things may go awry if not done correctly or performed with skill.


Witchcraft Love Spell for True Love

Witchcraft True Love SpellWith a Witchcraft Spell for True Love, you are going to help yourself realize the true love you’ve always known was there. This love will come to you, be drawn to you, and your new love will be protected forever as a treasured object. This True Love Spell will allow you to realize the happiness and joy you deserve – and you can then share that happiness with someone else. That someone will love you thoroughly and deeply, just as everyone deserves to be loved. Love is an energy that does not die, after all.

Because witchcraft is a form of magic that is positive in nature, witchcraft spells and rituals focus on acknowledging the divinity that is contained within everything. When working with witchcraft spells, you will use the power of your own mind in perfect combination with both natural and spiritual forces. Because witchcraft recognizes divinity in all things, such spells cannot be used to harm or manipulate others. Instead, witchcraft love spells tap into the power of thoughts, actions, and natural elements to achieve the desired result.

Things You’ll need for the Spell

  • One piece of parchment paper
  • Rose oil
  • a wooden pencil without an eraser
  • One pink candle
  • Matches (made out of wood)

How to Cast the Witchcraft Spell for True Love

Cast Your Circle! Click here for instructions.

Begin the ritual by cleansing and consecrating the candle and anointing it with rose oil. Light the candle.

Put the parchment paper (parchment paper for baking is also acceptable) in front of you, write your name on the paper and draw a circle (clockwise) around your name. Next to your name, draw another circle symbolizing your soul-mate.

Use the candle and drip wax on top of the two circles.

While you are dripping the wax, focus on your wish to find your true love and soul mate. Try to build up as much energy as you can.

Once you have covered the circles with wax, blow off the candle and say:

So transfer my will, my spell has been heard, as I will, so mote it be.

That same day, give the piece of parchment paper to nature (bury it, throw it in a river, lake, ocean, or burn it and dispose of the ashes to nature).

Light the remaining candle on the next full moon until it has burned out.


Witchcraft Spell to Make Someone Fall in Love

Make Someone LoveThis spell to Make Someone Fall in Love with You is not designed to connect you to just anyone. You want it to work on the one you are deeply in love with, the one that was made for you. This spell will release powerful energies into the universe to show the person that you are the one they have been waiting for and want to be with. You are not making anyone love you, per se, but you are ensuring that this special someone will love the truest qualities you have, and that will bring them right to your doorstep. You will have the opportunity to start a romantic relationship that will last a lifetime, all because you turned up your own personal energy with the power of magic.

What you will need for this Witchcraft Love Spell

  • Photo of yourself
  • Photo of the target
  • One red candle
  • Primrose Oil
  • Athame, knife, or pin
  • One large glass jar with a lid
  • Three feet red cord or string
  • Dried Rose petals from 6 red roses
  • Your favorite perfume
  • Best time to cast this spell: Friday in the waxing moon phase

How to Cast the Spell

Cleanse and Consecrate the Candle.

Take the Athame or pin and carve the Symbol of the Kenaz Rune into the candle, then anoint the candle with the Primrose oil. Light it and do so consciously. Remember that fire is one of the elements and has an affinity with the spiritual realm.

Next, spread out the rose petals on your altar and spray them with your favorite perfume. Take some time to focus on your loved one and your wishes. Visualize and meditate. Build up some energy and transfer it into the rose petals.

Add the rose petals to the jar, then take the candle and drip wax onto top of the petals.

Chant the following:

[Loved one’s name] I love you deeply

With this spell I want you to love me freely

Open your heart for my love and desire

This spell will set your soul on fire

Heart and Heart

Soul and Soul

Together forever and ever

So mote it be!

For extra potency, add some of the Primrose Oil.

Take the pictures and bind them together using the cord or string. You can either roll them up or fold them. Whichever way you accomplish this is not of importance. What matters is that the pictures touch each other and are bound together with the string.

Place the pictures into the jar.

Add more Primrose Oil, then take the candle and drip some wax into the jar.

Chant the following:

[Loved one’s name] I love you deeply

With this spell I want you to love me freely

Open your heart for my love and desire

This spell will set your soul on fire

Heart and Heart

Soul and Soul

Together forever and ever

So mote it be!

Close the jar and snuff out the candle

For the next seven days, repeat the last steps. Light your candle, open the jar, add some oil, drip the wax, and repeat the love chant.

On the 7th and final day, let the candle burn out. Give the jar to nature by burying it or burning the contents and recycling the glass jar.


Easy Witchcraft Love Spell to Increase and Strengthen Love

Increase and Strengthen LoveUse this easy spell to increase and strengthen love. Cast this spell on a person you already have a relationship with or on someone you want to attract to you.

What you will need for the spell

  • Two identical keys
  • Ambergris Oil
  • Musk Oil
  • Red silk cord


Coat both keys with the ambergris oil and the musk oil. Rub the keys on your body to collect sweat. Tie both keys to the red silk cord and wear them around your neck, not visible to others on the inside of your shirt. When you see your target, rub the keys and touch him with your fingers. This can be done by hugging, shaking hands, or any other way that transfers some of the oils to the target. Once this has been accomplished, hide the keys under your bed.


How do Witchcraft Love Spells Work?

Witchcraft love spells work in many ways, sometimes the most unexpected, since it is not a mechanical process. However, the result is always for the good of everyone involved. Love spell casting should never be done to cause harm to another; not only is it against the tenets of religions like Wicca, but it is also an unethical spiritual practice. The secret lies in your connection with the divine powers that dwell and surround you. Much of the power to cast an effective spell lies in your mental condition.

Witchcraft love spells demand that practitioners draw on ancient wisdom and power that can be accessed through meditation through the use of ingredients and tools such as crystals, oils, charms, and amulets, among others. The main objective is to direct your inner powers, thoughts, and desires in the form of positive energy and turn them into reality. The positive magical energies are what direct the course of a love spell.

It is all about practicing benevolent magic to draw a person to you, to awake, strengthen, or return the love. That’s why love spells work best when there is an intense desire and real emotion within you, and most importantly when the intent is right. In addition, it is essential to have the will and determination for the spell to succeed. By exuding pure energy and believing in your inner power, the natural elements get to work on your spell more effectively.

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