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Guide to Psychics and Psychic Abilities

by Mary-Anne Segalle
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Things to Know About Psychics

In today’s world, many people are beginning to realize there is more to life than what can be perceived by the five senses and associated assistive devices. This includes accepting that psychics can pick up information not easily accessible to others. If you are interested in hiring a psychic or developing your own skills, knowing more about how they work and their methods can be of immense benefit. At the very least, if something appeals to you, following that path can help you increase your levels of happiness and solve all kinds of problems for yourself and on behalf of others.

How to Define Psychics

Perhaps it can be said that psychic is a term used to describe a range of outlooks, skills, and perceptions that enable a person to communicate with or make use of unseen energies and entities. No matter whether a psychic channels ancestors or uses tarot cards to divine the future, the insights gained do not come from direct experience with any given situation, let alone the people involved in it. When it comes to defining psychics, it is also essential to be aware that some have more capacity or a more comprehensive range of skills than others.

Basic Elements of Psychic Readings

Elements of Psychic ReadingsDuring the process of receiving a psychic reading, you may need to answer a few questions about the situation as well as what you want to happen. From there, the psychic will either work with a previously agreed-upon method to produce an answer or select something that appeals to them. Whether the psychic uses ESP, runes, or some other method, the information received will also have to be interpreted and integrated into the situation. This process may include asking other questions in order to confirm specific facts, as well as to help with formulating a plan of action.

Depending on the psychic and the nature of the situation, the advice offering part of the session may vary from very limited to highly detailed.

Different psychics can “connect” to you at various levels through different mediums; while some can read your emotions and thoughts, some can simply feel the state of your aura, while some can interpret your dreams and visions and so on. Do not take a psychic reading to be whole and sole of your future actions. Please take it as advice and as guidance for your present and future, but nothing more.

People visit psychics for various reasons; they could be seeking guidance, seeking assurance, seeking answers about a particular situation, among other things. The readings that a psychic makes may sometimes be extremely clear to you, while sometimes, you might find it too vague or ambiguous. And yes, a psychic reader can make mistakes or go off track like everyone else. You must be open and ready for that.

Are Psychic Readings 100% Accurate?

Psychic readings are ultimately nothing but readings based on intuitions and paranormal abilities of one’s brain. So, a hundred percent accuracy in psychic readings cannot be guaranteed, which is only natural. And any psychic reader who claims to give 100 percent accurate readings, be it any medium, is not being truthful at all.

Remember, a psychic reading is not a definite route or path for one to follow but a junction from which you can take or choose any route. They can never be definite and crystal clear like a 3-D image because the psychics get their “information” from an altogether different dimension with no set dimensions. If you ever go to a psychic reader expecting something of a definite frame, you are only bound to get disappointed.Divider

Understanding Psychic Abilities

Some people scoff at psychic readings and consider all this to be a mere fallacy and that nothing good can ever come out of it. They must know that the brain and its powers cannot and should not be underestimated. A person might be able to see the solution to a math problem even before you start interpreting the question. Now you won’t simply scoff at the boy because he could see and comprehend something you could not. The same goes with a psychic. They have the capability to see and sense things that maybe you cannot and may never can. Their mental sensitivity might be way more sensitive and hence can sense and feel things that the ordinary person cannot.

The Different Forms of Psychic Abilities and Powers

Some psychics primarily foretell the future and answer questions about the future to their clients. Many are also able to understand what’s going on with the dead, so that combination makes them excellent all-around psychics. Nostradamus foretold the future as his primary talent. He wrote over 6000 quatrains which were said to predict the future up until today’s time.

You can learn and specialize in many different paths and branches, so the widespread belief that all psychics are the same is false. They can use various techniques to divine the future for their clients. Some have several different methods they use depending on the situation and the individual’s preference.

Dream InterpretationInterpreting Dreams

Some specialize in the ability to interpret dreams using trances and by astral projection. Astral projection is an ability that any person can do if they have enough drive and motivation to do so—also known as OOB (out of body) experiences where one can actually leave their body and travel in their spirit form. Click here to learn more about dream interpretation.

ClairvoyanceClairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience

Clairvoyants are often known as prophets or oracles who have advised leaders over the ages with their visions and information of the future. Clairaudients can hear sounds from the spiritual world that are inaudible to others. A Clairsentient has the ability to pick up on extrasensory knowledge via non-tangible feelings.

ESPExtra Sensory Perception

Extrasensory perception (ESP) psychics can reveal information and specific facts about a person, object, or events that they have no prior knowledge about or any experience with. This information is generally hidden from the normal senses such as touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight.


Scrying is a form of divination whereby a person gazes into a crystal ball, mirror, water, black ink, or some other shiny surface to see the future. It means “to see” or “seeing,” and visions are formed before the scryer’s eyes. There are numerous types of scrying:

  • Hydromancy is scrying with water.
  • Cylicomancy is scrying water in a cup.
  • Leconomancy is scrying oil poured onto the water in a basin.
  • Catoptromancy is mirror scrying.
  • Crystallomancy is crystal gazing.

TarotTarot Cards

Some are expert Tarot readers. Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards that have different pictures on them. They are laid out during a tarot reading, and the reading depends on the cards laid out, including the order the cards were laid out. Each card has a different meaning and can predict the future of the individual, which can be good if good cards are laid out or poor if bad cards are laid out. Click here to learn more about Tarot.


Numerology experts can use the meanings of numbers to foretell the future. This is called numerology. There are many different ways the numbers can be calculated and interpreted, but usually include the birth date, the number of letters in their first and last name, and other numbers pertinent to the person. In many cultures, numerology readings are very popular.


Astrology has been around for a long time. The birth date and birth location are used to calculate the alignment of the planets at the exact time of a person’s birth. This is used to divine information about the person and about their future potential. Astrology doesn’t require any specific psychic ability, but it can be highly beneficial in understanding a person’s personality, traits, and compatibility with another person. Click here to learn more about Astrology.

MediumMediums and their Powers

Some psychics are called mediums. They have exceptional talent in speaking or seeing the dead. You can hire them to get advice from your ancestors or connect with a deceased relative. Most of them possess their skill since birth and work exclusively with living clients who want to commune with the dead—usually their dead loved ones. Police departments may even hire them to uncover crimes that involve deceased people.

Face to Face ReadingFace to Face Readings

The vast majority of psychic readings are face-to-face readings that use no cards or other paraphernalia. You can get a face-to-face reading by visiting your local psychic or through video calls and chats. Some are also done at parties where several people receive readings all at the same time. There are distant readings as well where the client and psychic do the readings over the phone or through online chat. Mediums do remote readings as well, and they can be remarkably accurate despite the distance.

Distance ReadingDistance Readings

In a distant reading, the psychic and client never actually meet. The psychic must use cues from the client and must pick up energy from the voice of the person receiving the reading. The client is free to ask questions, and they are answered honestly and with extrasensory perception used.

Aura ReadingAura Readings

During an aura-readings, a person’s aura is analyzed. People have different auras—auras with different colors or of different shapes and sizes. They can be very intense or can be very weak. A psychic can tell their clients characteristics about themselves based on their aura and even heal specific parts of the aura.

Palm readingPalm Readings or Palmistry

Palmistry experts have the ability to read palms. The lines of the palms are analyzed and interpreted to foretell the future. Every line, big or small, faint or stark; every dent and mount; the curves and shape of your hands reveal something about you and your potential future. Palm reading was once prevalent, but it is not used as much in today’s time.

PsychometryPsychometry – Finding Lost Objects and Persons

Psychometry is the practice of being able to get information off of an object, such as something belonging to a dead person or a victim of a crime. It also means using an item belonging to a crime victim and using that item to locate the person or to tell if the person is living or dead. Psychometric psychics are very popular with police departments and with the solving of crimes. Those that practice psychometry can often go to a location and pick up signals about what happened at the site.

TelekineticTelekinetic Psychics

Those who have telekinetic power and practice telekinesis can move objects from one place to another or can deform an object, such as a spoon. Telekinetic power is a fun type of power to have, but it has no real practical purpose.

Past Life WorkPast Life Work

Someone who has retrocognition can use their psychic abilities to view things clearly that have happened in the past. They can go into past lives and reveal details of what has happened at a certain point in time. Past life work is helpful to people that want to know about who they were in a past life. It can also help to identify energies from the past that may still influence the present.

As you can see, psychics and mediums have many different and varied abilities. There is no one answer to “what is a psychic?” The best ones are held in great regard and can use their abilities to help people all over the world.

Psychic Spell ServicesObtaining Psychic Spell Services

Even though many psychics do not cast spells, you may find some willing to interact with the spirits or manipulate energy on your behalf. In some cases, this willingness may revolve around a clear understanding of your intentions and making sure they are compatible with the ideals and values of the psychic. For example, if the psychic is committed to doing no harm, that person will not be willing to give you a protective talisman, let alone cast a hex on your behalf. On the other hand, a different psychic may actually offer these services to all, regardless of the intent and outcome. Click here to find professional spellcasters and witches.

A Brief Look at History

History of PsychicsThroughout history, there have been many instances of a psychic helping out or giving information and aid to someone of importance. This has come in the form of prophets aiding kings and queens, advisors of nations, oracles of tribal leaders, or even just the average helper of the community who would help individuals who would come to them looking for aid. No matter what they were called, they were all psychic, so yes, they have been around for centuries, influencing the world in one way or another.

Universal Skepticism of the Paranormal

Though there are many people who are skeptical of the existence of the paranormal, especially psychics, this is mainly the fault of fakes and phonies. Those who scam and rip people off and steal their money give truly gifted people a bad name. As the saying goes, a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch. An honest psychic wants to help and will only charge you what they feel is necessary as they have to make a living as well. A fake will charge you an ungodly amount while promising you guarantees, whereas a genuine psychic will tell you they promise to do their best as that is the only guarantee they can offer.

Another reason that many do not believe is the lack of importance placed in the education of the paranormal, mainly psychics. The scientific community claims that there is no such thing as paranormal abilities or a sixth sense, yet they will not budget for a truly dedicated study regarding the subject. However, many scientists, professors, and other high percentages of humans believe in or believe that it is possible to learn paranormal abilities. Such as Astral Projection which anyone can do but only those who master it can use it as a “psychic” does.

Genuine and True Psychics

Never go to a psychic for getting answers like a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. A genuine and true psychic will only advise you after considering and contemplating the situation and might enlighten you on the future or present consequences. But, finally, the crux of the decision lies in your hands.

Do not expect two psychics to give the same interpretation or readings. Their mental and psychic planes might be completely different and cannot perceive the same things. They might revolve around the same axis but might vary.
Always go to a psychic with an open mind and accept whatever he or she interprets for you. You should be open to the fact that the reading might be different than what you were expecting or may also be wrong. Do not immediately begin to judge and doubt the psychic’s capability. They are humans, after all, and can falter.

Even if you don’t believe in psychics and their abilities, it pays to keep an open mind to their readings and predictions.

Experience the Abilities of Psychics for Yourself

The question is, are psychic abilities real? Many people believe yes, they are. To answer this question yourself or to form an opinion, you need to become familiar with psychics in general. Research all you can, read, watch and hear everything about it. But most importantly, experience it for yourself, find those who are gifted and have positive feedback from others, and are known for their extraordinary abilities and talents. Only you can decide from personal experience like the Kings and Queens who based their entire kingdoms on the advice of one person.

Symptoms of Being Psychic

Often people wonder to themselves if they are psychic or if they possess any psychic capabilities. They ask themselves, or perhaps they ask others, but if one does not know the symptoms of being psychic, then the chance of one acknowledging or developing those abilities is very slim.

Due to there being many different types of psychics, there are various symptoms. One psychic might have multiple symptoms, including some not even on this list, while others only have one or two symptoms. Every aspect of Psychic activity is intriguing and full of mystery, even the symptoms as they represent who you are and what you are capable of doing.


A feeling that goes far beyond the feelings of instinct, knowing when something is getting ready to happen before it even happens, whether it is good or bad. A unique “Gut” feeling such as knowing when a friend is in danger, the psychic just knows, they can feel that something isn’t right or that something awful is getting ready to happen.

This type of psychic is called a clairsentience psychic; they sense whenever they or someone else is in danger and feel that something is getting ready to happen.


Those who are extremely sensitive to others’ feelings may be empathic psychics. On such a grand level, the person can feel the exact same feelings and emotions as someone around them. Feelings of fear or joy practically become the psychics’ own feelings even though they come from another person.


The symptoms of premonition are suddenly seeing visions that foretell the future or tell of coming events yet to happen. Others may have dreams instead of visions where they experience actions, events, or sequences that have not happened yet. These feelings and visions are usually felt when one is exceptionally calm, focused, during meditation, or while they are resting.


This is one of the rarer psychic abilities that allow a person to touch an object and being able to see in their mind the past or the future of the object. For example, touching someone’s phone and seeing in exceptional detail who touched the phone or what had happened to it, where it’s been, etc. Imagine grabbing an object and suddenly a vivid picture/image or a strong memory, a taste, or smell slammed into your brain.

Extreme Sensitivity

Those who are extremely sensitive are often those who possess unknown psychic abilities that have not announced themselves. Every psychic has an extreme sensitivity to them; it is the common benefactor amongst all types of psychics, no matter what they are.

Some other Symptoms include:

  • Knowing or having a sudden feeling that someone or something is trying to contact you.
  • Having the ability to predict significant events like natural disasters due to sudden extreme feelings of queasiness, uneasiness, or jitteriness.
  • Being able to see and/or hear spirits or Ghosts and other phenomena’s that others cannot.
  • Being seen physically at two different places at once.
  • Knowing what a place like a building, park, or city will look like in the future.
  • Being able to see not only the past but also the present at the exact same time.
  • Being able to communicate with non-human beings, animals, and plants or speak with non-physical being other than ghosts or spirits.

Training your Psychic Abilities

There is no doubt that each one of us possesses inherent psychic abilities. These abilities lie dormant unless we learn to develop and train them to expand our psychic potential.

This is possible as long as we learn to sharpen our skills and channel our psychic abilities in the right direction.

The key is to develop our psychic powers through training in a relaxed state of mind and body. This allows us to concentrate on the question at hand.

Training through Meditation

To develop a relaxed state of mind and body, it is essential to meditate. Meditation allows you to improve your psychic abilities and tune in to the spirit. Regular meditation will increase the chances of remaining in psychic contact with the universe. In addition, it will help if you take classes from a qualified and certified professional. Some offer online courses. However, do take the time to do a bit of research before you enroll in any class.

Taking Care of Your Body

To maintain a healthy mind, you need to take care of your body as well. Diet and exercise will go a long way in improving your psychic abilities. Avoid alcohol and smoking, which can actually block any energy required to be psychic. To release your psychic potential, it is prudent to use hypnosis. This powerful tool can be very effective in achieving a goal.

Taking Care of Your Spiritual Health

It is essential to believe in yourself and your abilities as well. Having the correct perception about yourself translates into better psychic abilities that you will soon find easy to achieve without much effort. It is also essential to train yourself to see auras. Auras are energies that surround a person. If you plan to be in the healing profession, the ability to see auras will benefit you greatly. This talent can be developed over time, as long as you go about it patiently. In the process, it is crucial to keep your chakras clean. Opening your chakra centers will enhance your psychic abilities.

Training your Abilities with Tools

Pendulums, your hands, and dowsing rods help improve psychic abilities. These tools bring you in contact with your higher self and spirit guides that help you get answers to any question you ask. It is also important to practice reading a person’s energy through psychometry, which involves touching a personal object that belongs to a person. Through these objects, you may sense any impressions of the person. This is the best way to improve your psychic abilities and can be practiced right from the beginning.

Listen to your Intuition and Inner Voice

To tap into your psychic abilities, it is important to be a good listener to your own intuition. Your gut feeling or inner voice is what is, at times, your inherent psychic ability. You may find that you are seldom wrong when you listen to your inner voice. It would be prudent to join a psychic development group and share your experiences with others. This will help you gain a lot of experience and develop your own psychic abilities. Remember, your state of mind is the most important asset to help you become a psychic reader.

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