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Voodoo Break-Up Spell

by Houngan Jean-Philipe
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This Voodoo break-up spell will allow you to break up a relationship when you believe that it is harmful to one or both partners or simply is no longer meant to be.

Even when you only suspect that your partner wants to cheat on you with another person, it might be a good time to use one of our break-up spells. Sometimes casting the spell ahead of time can help you prevent damage. This spell will help cause the other person to go, allowing you to create a stronger connection with your partner. As a result, they will simply not be interested in this other person, plus the other person will simply leave the relationship and never come back. With break-up spells, you can have your lover back, right where they belong. Before performing any Voodoo rituals, please familiarize yourself with Voodoo; please click here for our in-depth Voodoo guide.

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Things You’ll need for the Voodoo Break-up Spell

  • Black Candle
  • Vinegar
  • Seven Nails
  • Pictures of the couple you want to break up
  • One tbsp garlic powder
  • Two tbsp cayenne pepper
  • One cup Salt
  • Two tbsp Mustard seeds
  • Small bowl
  • Sheet of paper
  • String
  • Salt
  • Deity to call upon: Oya

How to Cast the Voodoo Break-Up Spell

It would be best if you prepared yourself properly for a voodoo ritual. Once you are ready, anoint the candle with vinegar. Next, poke the nails into the black candle, dividing it into seven equal parts. The seventh pin will go all the way to the bottom of the candle.

Voodoo Break-up Spell DiagramPut the salt, the garlic powder, the mustard seeds, and the cayenne pepper into the small bowl and mix it. Now, put the sheet of paper in front of the candle and light the candle. Place the pictures next to each other on top of the paper.

Call upon Oya

Ask for all that you wish for. Be honest and forthright. Petition to Oya and ask for all the help you need.

Take the candle and drip nine drops (Oya’s number) of wax onto each picture. Then sprinkle some of the mixture on top of them. Let the candle burn until it reaches the first nail, then snuff it out.

The next day, remove the first pin from the candle and put it on top of the pictures. Light the candle again and petition to Oya, again dripping nine drops of wax onto each picture, sprinkling some of the mixture on top. This time let the candle burn to the next nail, then snuff it out again.

Repeat for a total of seven days, and you have reached the bottom of the candle.

After the 7th and final ritual, wrap all contents, including the pictures, in the paper and tie with the string.

Either burn it in your cauldron and throw the ashes into the wind or bury it next to a tree.

How Voodoo Breakup Spells Work

We are all familiar with the images of voodoo that books, films, and television programs have projected onto the popular imagination. Alas, there is far more to it than this fanciful image suggests! Voodoo is both a way of life and a cherished spiritual path for many worldwide. The effectiveness of Voodoo love magic cannot be overstated; this magic is accessible to you should you wish to embark on this exciting magical path. There are many ways to make a love spell even more successful. Please refer to this article to learn other techniques and ingredients you may want to incorporate into your spell.

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