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Four Love Spells to Stop a Divorce, Separation or Break-up

by Cassandra McCord
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Are you fighting all the time with your loved one? Have they left you or filed for divorce? It’s devastating when your loved one decides to leave and end the relationship. If you have tried everything to make them change their mind to no avail, you may want to ask for assistance from the spiritual realm. With the help of magical forces, you can remove any problems, blockages, issues, and negative energies that have caused the break-up.

These spells can be used at any stage of the separation but are most effective when you start early in the process. Ensure that a spell is cast as soon as the problems within your marriage start getting evident, but no later than after your partner’s announcement of separation or divorce. Casting these spells will help your partner reconnect with the positive aspects that attracted them towards you in the beginning. They will cleanse the foundation of your relationship, remove negative energies and feelings, and will open your partner’s heart and soul for you once again.

In most cases, the reasons behind separation and divorce are difficult and complex; that’s why magical and spiritual intervention can help you get the control back and make significant improvements in your relationship possible. The negative and harmful elements will be eradicated, giving you a clean foundation to enjoy a peaceful and happy married life.

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What a Spell to Stop a Break-up can Do for You

You should be aware of how these rituals work. The spells to stop a divorce, separation, and break-up become effective by bringing about the following effects:

  • Helping to reunite with your partner. If you are already separated, you may want to consider a love spell to return a lost lover instead.
  • Reducing problems caused by hostile forces or negative outside influences.
  • Eliminating negative energies. This part is essential since negative energies are so disastrous that they can ruin any relationship.
  • Increasing the love between you and your partner to such an extent that the lost love is regained.
  • Reminding both of you what attracted you towards each other and reconnecting with those emotions.
  • Reigniting unconditional love between you.

A love spell to stop a divorce reopens a closed heart, stirring those powerful emotions that first brought the two of you together. It allows you to reconcile and move forward toward a relationship that is even stronger than before the separation or divorce by creating a sense of completeness in the relationship.

How to Make Spells to stop a Divorce Work

As explained in many articles throughout this site, you must have faith in the particular ritual and the entire magical process. You must also follow the process correctly and not substitute any ingredients if you are not fully aware of their magical properties. Keep in mind if you are a beginner and find this process overwhelming, you can always hire a professional spellcaster to perform the ritual on your behalf.

Select a spell from the rituals listed below that best fits your situation and has the unique qualities to enhance love between you and your partner. It is crucial to reconstruct a strong connection between you and increase honesty, truth, and true love.

In addition to a Spell to Stop a Divorce, some people use a Love Binding Spell to create an eternal love bond. By doing so, you don’t have to worry about any problems in the future because such an unbreakable bond will unite you.

If any other specific problems are plaguing your relationship, you need to select additional spells, to remove these issues. Our website has an extensive repertoire of love spells that address the most common problems.

Don’t forget to read our In-Depth Guide to Love Spells; it explains everything you need to know about casting love spells and how to make them work.


Moon Magic Anti Separation Spell

Full Moon Anti Separation SpellThe life-altering changes when a love relationship ends prematurely are difficult for anyone to deal with. Is your relationship threatened? Or do you want to help a friend or family member facing a divorce or separation? You can effectively use moon magic to stop a divorce or separation in these cases.

If negativity and relationship troubles have clouded an individual’s true view of their romantic situation, then magic can help dispel the darkness and lead that person to the light of their true feelings. This is how a moon magic spell to stop a divorce or separation can work.

It is important when working with moon love spells and rituals to pay close attention to the phase of the moon. To attract positive energies, always work under a full or waxing moon. To dispel negativity, work beneath a dark or waning moon.

Things You’ll need for the Moon Anti Separation Spell

  • Jasmine Incense
  • Red Candle
  • Picture of you
  • Picture of your partner
  • Olive oil
  • One tbsp basil
  • Pinch of Cinnamon
  • One tbsp Fennel Seeds
  • Two tbsp Lavender
  • A cauldron or fireproof pot
  • Matches
  • Best Time: Full moon or waxing moon phase. Choose the dark or waning moon phase if you want to dispel negativity.

How to Cast the Moon Magic Anti Separation Spell

Begin the ritual by casting your circle and anointing the red candle with olive oil. Please follow all the proper spellcasting steps outlined in our article here. Put the pictures in front of you. Light the Jasmine incense and the red candle and do so consciously. Remember that fire is one of the elements and has an affinity with the spiritual realm. Take the red candle into your right hand and hold it up. Open your mind and spirit for the spell. Take seven very deep breaths.

Next, drip wax onto your lover’s picture and your picture. While doing so, build up as much energy as you can. Focus on all the problems and issues you have and wish to remove. Visualize how happy your future would be if these problems could be removed. Also, focus on the love you want to give and the love you want to receive in return. You will know when to stop. Once done, stick the two pictures together, face to face. It symbolizes your relationship and that you will stay together.

Put the pictures into your cauldron. Add the basil, cinnamon, fennel, and lavender, and drizzle some olive oil on top. Again, take the red candle into your right hand and hold it up. Open your mind and spirit. Take seven very deep breaths. Now, focus on your wishes and build up as much energy as possible. While doing so, drip wax onto the herb mixture.

Once done, take another seven very deep breaths, then put the candle down.

Burning Ceremony

Take some matches and set everything in the cauldron on fire. It will release all your relationship problems into the universe to stop the divorce, separation, or break-up.

Thank the moon and the universe and snuff out the candle. Once the ashes have cooled down, go outside and throw them into the wind. Make sure you choose a spot from where you can see the moon. Light the remaining candle on the next full moon until it has burned out. It will seal the spell and increase its power.


Witchcraft Spell to Stop a Divorce

Stop A Divorce SpellYou know you love your partner, no matter what they’ve done. With a witchcraft spell to stop a divorce or separation, you will bring them back into your life, where they are destined to be. You will both be more willing to work harder in times of trouble while also being more committed to long-term romance. The spell is most effective when performed before a divorce or separation occurs. If it is cast right after the announcement, this spell will also work to heal the problems you’ve been facing so you can start fresh again.

How this Spell can Help You

The love spell to stop separation and divorce will help you reunite with your partner and prevent separation. By eliminating negativity within the relationship, the magical forces will bring love back to the surface and create a strong bond. The bond that keeps the marriage together will prevent divorce or separation. Both partners must work on their commitment to each other and prevent the situation from retaking a negative turn.

Things You’ll need for the Witchcraft Spell to Stop a Divorce

  • One piece of parchment paper
  • a wooden pencil
  • One white candle
  • One pink candle
  • Sandalwood Oil
  • Matches (made out of wood)

How to Cast the Witchcraft Spell to Stop a Divorce

Prepare for your spell by following our instructions. Cast Your Circle. Anoint the candles with Sandalwood oil.

Draw two hearts onto the parchment paper. Make sure the hearts touch each other and are large enough that you can put one candle on each heart.

Stop Divorce Diagram

Light the white candle with a match. Drip wax onto the left heart and chant three times:

Drip wax, drip,
burn flame, burn.
Light this love bright and strong.

Now drip some wax onto the right heart and chant three times:

Drip wax, drip,

burn flame, burn.

Your heart will beat just for me

Repeat the same steps with the pink candle.

Now, take the white candle into your left and the pink candle into your right hand. Lift your arms and focus on your wishes. Visualize your partner falling back in love with your, for them to return, and giving the marriage another chance. Try to build up as much energy as you can. This step is crucial. Take your time with it. You will know when to stop.

Once done, place the white candle on top of the left and the pink candle pink on top of the right heart. Snuff the candles out and say:

So transfer my will, my spell has been heard, as I will, so mote it be.

That same day, give the piece of parchment paper to nature. Bury it, throw it in a river, lake, the ocean, or burn it and dispose of the ashes to nature).

Light the remaining candles on the following full moon until they have burned out.


Black Magic Spell to Stop a Break-up

Black Magic to Stop a BreakupPerhaps you are involved in a relationship ending in a divorce or separation, or maybe you are casting this spell on behalf of a loved one whose relationship is ending. Whatever the particular circumstances of your case, please be advised that using black magic to stop an impending divorce or separation might have potent effects and may even have unintended side effects. It should only be used as a last resort.

When times get tough, many people will just give up on their relationships. They will decide they want to walk away and find something better than they have right now. When you genuinely love and care for the person you are with, you need to make sure that you do all you can to stop yourself and them from walking away. With a black magic love spell, you can begin to change the future of your relationship, helping you to reconnect with your partner, no matter what has happened to bring you to this point.

Things You’ll need for the Spell to Stop a Break-up

  • Raw chicken wing
  • One pink candle
  • One sterile needle
  • Three drops of your blood
  • Yarn or Thread
  • Matches (made out of wood)
  • One large sheet of parchment paper

How to Cast the Black Magic Spell to Stop a Break-up

Before starting any black magic spell, please make sure you follow our instructions on how to prepare for a spell. You also need to take all proper precautions and cast the spell safely and correctly; please refer to the article How to Cast a Spell. It explains every step in casting a spell.

Start the ritual by lighting the pink candle with a wooden match. Use the raw chicken wing to draw your partner’s name on the parchment paper. You won’t see the name, which is fine. On top of your partner’s name, write your name.

Use the candle and drip 13 drops of wax onto the names. Next, take the sterile needle and prick the fingertip of your left index finger. Drip three drops of blood on the top of the names as well.

While you are dripping the wax and the blood, focus on your wish to stop a divorce or separation. Try to build up as much energy as you can.

Snuff out the candle and say:

Kasmati Beluto Kemati Bo

Wrap the chicken wing in the paper and use the yarn, string, or thread to pack it into a package. That same day bury it.

Light the remaining candle on the following full moon until it has burned itself out.


Easy White Magic Spell to Stop a Divorce

White Magic to Stop a DivorceWith this spell, you can’t wait too long before using it to stop a divorce. This ritual works best if performed before the divorce proceedings start and before announcing the separation to others.

White magic works with benevolent energies to heal not only the wounds but also the relationship itself. It is this healing power that makes white magic so potent and successful. A spell to stop a divorce or separation will immediately send out positive energy to renew your love and restore it. By casting this spell, you will keep your love’s energy positive and completely change and reverse the course of your break-up.

Things You’ll need for the Spell:

  • Two pieces of paper
  • Cinnamon Incense
  • Pencil without an eraser
  • Candle
  • Cauldron
  • Matches
  • Old Photographs taken in happy times
  • Items that remind you of happy times

How to Cast the Spell:

This is not the same kind of spell as the others, as you will need to use memories to draw back the love into your marriage or relationship. Cast your circle, then light the candle and the incense.

Start the ritual by writing your problems on a piece of paper. Write everything down that is plaguing your relationship. Once done, tear it into small pieces and put it in the cauldron.

Sit down and look at the old photographs and items that remind you of happy times.

While doing so, meditate for 15-30 minutes and visualize yourselves growing old together. Think happy thoughts! Don’t allow your mind to go to sad places. Focus on a happy future.

You will know when to stop. Light a couple of matches, throw them into the cauldron, and completely burn the sheet of paper. By doing so, you will burn away all the problems you had, and they will be released into the universe.

Snuff out the candle and throw the ashes into nature.

Coven Tip on Casting Spells to Stop a Divorce or Separation

  • Always cast the spell with a loving heart, never out of anger or hurt. If you are not ready, wait.
  • If you don’t have parchment paper, use baking paper or a brown paper bag.
  • The best time for these spells is the full moon or the waxing moon phase. Choose the dark or waning moon phase if you want to dispel negativity. If you are unsure, read this article about timing your spells correctly.

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